France Mosque News: France Closes Mosque In Beauvais North Of Paris After Imam Unacceptable Preaching About Jihad

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  • France facing Islamic bigotry locked a mosque
  • France told that the arguments of the Imam of this mosque were radical in nature
  • Imam incited hatred in his speech and defended Jihad

France, facing Islamic extremism, has locked down a mosque located in the northern region of the country. France told that the arguments of the Imam of this mosque were of radical nature. The Imam in his speech incited hatred and defended Jihad. This mosque is located in the town of Beauvais, which is located 100 km from the capital Paris. Now this mosque will remain closed for the next 6 months.

Officials said the imam incited hatred and violence in his speeches and defended jihad. The move comes at a time when Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said two weeks ago that he had begun the process of closing the mosque. He said that this imam was targeting Christians, homosexuals and Jews in his speeches.
France’s big action against Islamic fundamentalism, 30 disputed mosques closed in the country
Imam had recently accepted Islam religion

The French interior minister said it was ‘unacceptable’. The local authorities had to investigate it within 10 days but now it has been learned that it will be closed within two days. Local newspaper Courier Picard reported that the imam of the mosque had recently converted to Islam. On the other hand, the Sangh, which maintains the mosque, has said that it has appealed against this decision in the court.

Advocate Samim Bolaki said that within the next 48 hours, a hearing against this ban can be held. The Sangh claimed that the Imam sometimes gives speeches in this mosque and has been suspended. At the same time, officials say that the Imam often used to go to the mosque. He said that the Imam had termed jihad as duty and those who fought for it were called heroes. He called non-Muslims as enemies. An official document states that the terrorist threat in the country remains substantial.


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