g7 foreign ministers meeting: Why is Britain inviting ASEAN countries in the G7 meeting? Will there be a plan to encircle China in Asia? – why uk invites south-east asian nations asean countries to g7 foreign ministers meeting amid tension with china

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Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have also been invited to the G-7 meeting to be hosted by Britain next month. The G-7 is a group of countries with the world’s seven largest economies. The meeting is scheduled to be held in Liverpool from December 10 to 12. Britain has invited foreign ministers of ASEAN member countries Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. A day earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping held a meeting with the heads of states of ASEAN countries.

UK Foreign Minister confirms invitation to ASEAN
Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss said the G-7 foreign ministers meeting in Liverpool next month is a great opportunity to showcase the city to the world. It showcases the best of British culture, commerce and creativity. He confirmed that the foreign ministers of ASEAN countries have been invited to the G-7 meeting to be held next month. However, he did not respond on Myanmar’s involvement.

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How is China’s relations with ASEAN countries?
ASEAN member states are located in the neighborhood of China. China’s relations with most of these countries are not good. America and Britain are taking advantage of this and trying to make these countries in their court. All these countries follow a policy of mutual respect for independence, sovereignty, equality, territorial integrity and national identity of all countries. Whereas, China claims the entire South China Sea as its territory. If these countries increase their support for America and Britain, then it is going to increase the difficulties of China in the region.

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What is the benefit of US-UK by engaging ASEAN countries?
ASEAN directly influences trade, politics and security issues in the Asia-Pacific region. The total population of its member countries is third in the world after India and China. Not only this, ASEAN is also the third largest market in the world. The EU and US markets are also smaller than ASEAN. Its economy ranks third in Asia and sixth in the world. ASEAN is the fourth most popular investment region globally. In such a situation, America and Britain can also get a big market from these countries.

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US-UK trying to surround China at home?
America and Britain are trying to surround China in Asia itself. China has disputes with almost all ASEAN member states. A day earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping had clarified that China does not intend to dominate Southeast Asia. Despite this, the Chinese army is continuing its aggressive actions. This is the reason why the US and Britain have increased their naval presence in the South China Sea and surrounding areas.

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China’s grandeur increased in the South China Sea
With the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and the increasing aggressive stance of China, there is a lot of tension in Asia. China’s activities in the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Sea of ​​Japan, the Pacific Ocean have increased the concern of the US and Britain. On the other hand, China is continuously increasing its dominance. It recently pulled out the Philippines Navy and has prepared a naval base in Laos. The Chinese army is also deploying its submarines in the Indian Ocean.

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America and China face to face on Taiwan too
America and China are face to face with Taiwan. The issue of Taiwan also figured prominently during the summit of Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. On this, Jinping said that Taiwan is an integral part of his country and there can be no agreement on it. Not only this, he even said that the dream of people of all ages from the youth of China is to integrate Taiwan into their country. He will continue to try to gradually integrate Taiwan into his country in a peaceful manner.

What is G-7?
The G-7 is a grouping of the world’s 7 largest developed economies. This includes the US, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Italy and Canada. Its first summit was held in 1975 but then it had only 6 members. Canada also joined it in 1976, after which it got the name ‘Group of Seven’. From this time onwards, Britain has invited ASEAN countries as the chair of the G-7 for the summit.


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