Global Times On General Rawat: China Uses Mouthpiece Global Times For Jibe At India CDS General Bipin Rawat Death In MI 17 V5 Chopper Crash

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  • China’s official siren Global Times has spewed poison over the death in the CDS helicopter accident.
  • Global Times termed this incident as the fault of the Indian Army and called it a big setback.
  • China’s siren has leveled this allegation at a time when its commanders themselves are unable to cope with the cold.

China’s official siren Global Times has spewed venom against the Indian Army over the death of India’s first Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) in a helicopter accident. Global Times termed the incident as the fault of the Indian Army. The Global Times claimed that Rawat’s death has dealt a huge blow to the mission to modernize the Indian Army. The ruling Communist Party of China has leveled these allegations against the Indian Army at a time when its commander himself is unable to cope with the severe cold in Aksai Chin and is dying.

Global Times has started making shameless statements on the death of General Rawat. Global Times termed the CDS chopper accident as the fault of the Indian Army. Not this, he termed General Rawat as anti-China. Global Times spewing venom, writing that the death of India’s defense chief in a helicopter crash on Wednesday not only exposed the Indian Army’s lack of discipline and combat preparedness, but also dealt a heavy blow to the country’s military modernization. The newspaper quoted analysts as saying that despite the departure of the top anti-China defense official, India’s aggressive stance towards China in the border areas of the two countries is unlikely to change.
Indian expert named China on General Rawat’s death, Global Times furious
‘Indian soldiers do not follow standard operating procedures’
The Global Times, citing analysts, claimed that all possible causes of the crash point to human factors rather than the Russian-origin helicopter. Wei Dongxu also said that however, the Indian Army operates several types of helicopters, including domestically developed helicopters, helicopters made in India through transfer of technology from other countries, helicopters procured from the US and Russia. Due to this, there will be a problem of logistic support and maintenance in the helicopter.

The Global Times, citing an unknown defense expert, tried to attribute the loose and undisciplined military culture of the Chinese military to India. China’s state-run newspaper claimed that Indian soldiers often do not follow standard operating procedures and rules. China may be blaming the Indian Army in this hour of grief, but its soldiers and commanders themselves are unable to bear the cold of Ladakh. China is not able to save them and this is the reason why they are either running away or they are dying after leaving the field.
General Bipin Rawat and Pakistan Army Chief Bajwa fought this ‘war’ together, expressed grief over the death
Chinese soldiers suffering from diseases, the death of the biggest commander

In fact, this dream of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is aspiring to occupy Indian land in eastern Ladakh, is being overshadowed by his dream. The People’s Liberation Army of China has deployed about 50,000 soldiers along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. The severe cold and low oxygen of Ladakh is now proving fatal for the Chinese soldiers. He is suffering from stomach related ailments. Zhang Judong, the commander of the Chinese Army’s largest Western Theater Command, has died due to this disease. He was able to withstand the challenging conditions of Ladakh only for 6 months.

The South China Morning Post reported in its report that just a few months ago, PLA Commander Zhang had resigned from his post. The newspaper said that Zhang Judong was suffering from stomach cancer as well. Alam is that three times in the last nine months, China has had to change the commander of its Western Theater Command. The headquarters of the Western Command of the Chinese Army People’s Liberation Army is located in Tibet. The same command of the Chinese Army is stationed on the Line of Control (LaC) stretching from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh in India.
India China Tension: Why is China changing the commander so frequently on the Indian border? Deployed the third general in 9 months
General Zhang was the favorite of the Chinese President

Chinese President Xi Jinping had earlier in June appointed General Xu Qiling to replace General Zhang. At the same time, two months later, the responsibility of Western Theater Command was handed over to General Wang Haijiang. In December 2020, General Zhang Judong was made commander. Two military sources said General Zhang Judong was 58 years old and died on October 1. General Zhang did not give any reason when he stepped down in June. A Chinese military source said both Generals Zhang and Shu were like rising stars. He was a favorite general of the Chinese President and Xi Jinping relied heavily on him.

china general bipin rawat

Chinese state newspaper spews poison on General Rawat’s death


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