goldfish vehicle drive video: Israeli Scientists Train Goldfish To Drive Car Video: Israeli scientists train goldfish fish to drive a car, watch video

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  • Israeli scientists train goldfish to drive
  • The fish steered the car safely to the destination, overcoming obstacles on the way
  • Israel’s Ben-Gurion University released the video of the experiment

Tel Aviv
Israeli scientists have trained a fish named Goldfish to drive inside a water tank. This special vehicle has also been designed to be fish driven. This vehicle has been named as Fish Operated Vehicle (FOV). This creature is able to steer a specially designed vehicle by swimming in different directions in a small tank of water built on the driver’s seat.

Experiment done at Ben-Gurion University
The experiment was carried out by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. The main objective of this research was to find out whether the navigation ability of fish is universal or is it limited only to its surroundings (water). Originally scientists wanted to know whether the underwater navigation skills of fish worked everywhere.

used a cart driven by the movement of fish
It took a creative team of biomedical engineers and neuroscientists to test it. This was done because fish can only breathe underwater. For this, scientists used FOVs made of motor-driven wheels. With the help of a camera, computer and light detection technology, it was able to change direction according to the movements of the fish in the water tank.

Long training of fish
To make this test successful, scientists trained goldfish for a long time. In the beginning, he also lured the fish with food to make it move inside the tank. Later the difficulty level for this training was increased further. Researchers said that in fact the goldfish was able to reach the target, overcoming all the difficulties. During this the fish also crossed all the dead ends of the way.

Researcher said – ability to learn difficult tasks in fishes
Shachar Givone, PhD student at Ben-Gurion University, said this shows goldfish have the ability to learn a complex task. This is the reason why they are able to work even in an environment which is contrary to their circumstances. This fish has become quite a trend in doing its work over time. Due to which he further consolidated his control over the FOV.


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