Gwadar Protest China News: Gwadar People Protesting Against Chinese Pakistan Wanted It To Be The Next Dubai

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  • pakistan wants to make gwadar singapore or dubai but the public is out on the streets
  • This is where China is investing billions of dollars to build ports under CPEC
  • People are raising slogans of ‘Gwadar Ko Haq Do’, demanding to stop illegal fishing vessels

Pakistan wants to make Gwadar Singapore or Dubai, but for the last one month, thousands of local people have come out on the streets. This is the same place where China is building a port by investing billions of dollars under the CPEC project. The people of Gwadar are raising slogans of ‘Gwadar ko Haq Do’. Apart from this, they are demanding to stop illegal fishing vessels which are destroying their livelihood.

The people of Gwadar are also urging the Imran government to relax trade ties with Iran and relax security check points in the city. According to experts, the ongoing protests in Gwadar are a warning bell for the Imran government and the powerful army there. Such protests have been taking place in Gwadar in the past too, but this is the first time that such a large number of people have taken collective action.

There is no discussion on the future of Baloch people.
Moderate Islamic leaders, nationalists and a large number of women and children are taking part in this demonstration, which in itself is unexpected for the city. Located in Balochistan province, Iran is just a short distance from the border of Gwadar and it is very close to the Strait of Hormuz in the Arabian Sea. It is the main center of China’s Belt and Road Corridor. Pakistan claims that Gwadar and CPEC will change the economic geography of the entire region by providing China access to the Arabian Sea.

Amidst this claim, there is no discussion on the future of the Baloch people of the city. In view of this, now the people of Gwadar are raising their voice by taking to the streets. Following the massive protest, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said he would take “stern action” against illegal fishing trawlers off the Gwadar coast. He made this announcement after a massive protest by the local people. Due to this demonstration, the government and authorities have had to deploy thousands of additional police personnel in the area.
This plan of China will put livelihood in crisis
Imran Khan tweeted, ‘I have taken cognizance of the genuine demand of the hardworking fishermen of Gwadar. Strict action will be taken against those who illegally catch fish from trawlers (fishing vessels) and will also talk to the Chief Minister of Balochistan. Even after this promise of Imran Khan, the people of Gwadar are not trusting him. They have been hearing such promises from the Pakistani rulers for the last several decades. Now they are demanding action. They are now afraid that this plan of Pakistan and China will put their livelihood in danger. Gwadar was earlier occupied by Oman and was bought by the Government of Pakistan in 1958.


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