Hair Cutting in Space: Astronauts Cuts Her Hair in International Space Station Video: Astronauts cut their hair on the International Space Station

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US space agency NASA has shared a video of astronauts’ hair cutting. This footage shows the cutting of hair of astronauts who arrived at the International Space Station (IAS). Last month, NASA and the European Space Agency sent four astronauts to the ISS through the SpaceX Crew-3 mission. It also includes Indian-origin astronaut Rajachari.

cut hair in zero gravity
In the video, scientists have shown the process of cutting hair in zero gravity. Cutting hair in such special circumstances is always challenging. In such a situation, the astronauts used special equipment for this work. The great thing is that Indian-origin astronaut and mission commander Raja Chari played the role of a hairdresser in the hair cutting on the International Space Station. He was seen cutting the hair of European astronaut Mathias Maurer.

Astronaut Maurer tweeted the video
Haircut astronaut Maurer wrote in a tweet that come to the space salon where the barber (Raja Chari) is a man of many talents. None of us want hair in our eyes, or worse, to sneak into the space station system. He told that the vacuum cleaner is attached to our hair trimmer. Five stars from my side for this space stylist service.

The dangers of getting a haircut in space
Maurer also spoke about the dangers associated with getting a haircut in space. He said that if a small particle or piece of our hair gets into the hardware of the International Space Station, it can ruin everything from electrics to life support systems. This would increase the risk to everyone on the space station. This is why astronauts are not allowed to get haircuts in space.

female astronauts have to wear caps
To avoid such troubles, astronauts are often sent with their heads shaved or very short hair. Female astronauts have to wear caps over their hair. They take off the cap only when there is no danger to the machinery around them from the pieces of their hair.


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