Hamas Kills Spy Dolphin : Hamas Kills A Dolphin Claims That Israeli Navy Trained Dolphin To Spy Hamas Dolphin killed by extremist group

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  • Extremist organization Hamas accuses Israel of killing dolphins
  • Hamas claims Israeli Navy had given special training to dolphins for espionage
  • In the video, Hamas said that the harness-like device was recovered from the dolphin

Tel Aviv
Israel uses dolphins for espionage and for this they are specially trained. Such allegations have already been made against the Jewish country. Now a new case has come to light related to this. The extremist group Hamas has posted a video alleging that its diver killed a dolphin that was trained by Israel. A harness is shown in a video shared on Twitter. Hamas claims to have recovered it from dolphins.

According to defense expert HI Sutton, it appears that the harness was fitted to the dolphin’s nose. It is similar to the harness used in the US and Russian navies. Sutton said a spear gun-like device was attached to the harness. Dolphins cannot differentiate between friend or foe, so they do not launch deadly attacks. But dolphins can be used for target marking and harness devices can be part of a similar system. It could possibly be a weapon as well.

A theory pointing to killer dolphins
Sutton said there was no evidence to confirm that the harness was Israeli or that of a dolphin. However, the report has some credibility. It could be a naval marine mammal program of Israel. The Russian Navy deployed its dolphins in Tartus, Syria, as part of a comprehensive marine mammal program. So this theory points to ‘Killer Dolphins’. However, Hamas has made similar allegations against Israel in the past.

Hamas caught Israel’s spy fish in 2015
In 2015, the Palestinian newspaper al-Quds claimed that Hamas had detained a dolphin, which the Israeli Navy was using to attack members of its armed wing. Citing Gaza Strip sources, the newspaper said the Israeli dolphin was caught off the coast of the Gaza Strip. Sources said that Hamas naval commandos had seen the dolphins doing “suspicious acts”.
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Dolphin was equipped with cameras and weapons
When they followed the mammal, they found that it was wearing a device to monitor underwater movements. It was claimed that Hamas divers managed to capture and take the dolphin to shore and found that the dolphin was equipped with a remote-controlled monitoring device and a camera. Media reports said that Dolphin’s device was capable of firing small arrows and killing or seriously injuring anyone.


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