Handcuffed Prisoner Escaped : Handcuffed Prisoner Escaped From Moving Police Van Caught On CCTV jumped from the moving car and escaped

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Often we hear about prisoners escaping from prison in stories and news. But recently the story of a prisoner who escaped before going to jail has come to light. This incident is from Brazil. The escaped prisoner did not even reach the jail cell and managed to dodge the police from the moving van. The prisoner who escaped from the eyes of the police was imprisoned in handcuffs. This action of the prisoner was recorded in the CCTV in which he is seen jumping out of the police van.

The prisoner jumps out of the moving police van and escapes backwards. Viralhog has shared this video on YouTube. The event is of Alagoa Nova in Paraiba, Brazil, on 28 December 2021. The caption of the video is, ‘Prisoner escapes from moving police car.’ It has been viewed by thousands since it was shared online. Social media users are shocked to see the video.
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Police van door opened and absconding
A user asked, ‘Did the police really handcuff him from the back of the van?’ Another user wrote, ‘That’s why handcuffs are always put on the back.’ While praising this act of the prisoner, a user wrote that how cleverly he escaped. He should avoid the rearview mirror. According to local reports, the prisoner managed to open the lock of the police car and escaped.

Police is investigating the matter
He jumped from the car and stood on the middle of the road and ran away to save his life. The police did not even notice his escape in the rearview mirror and the van proceeded without taking him. According to a report, when the police reached the police station, they were surprised to find the prisoner inside the van. As of now he has not been caught. Police claim that an investigation has been started as to how he escaped and for this the help of technical experts is being taken.


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