Here are 5 new symptom of omicon shared by AIIMS

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Thinking the Omicron variant as ‘mild’ could be a big mistake on your part. So pay attention to these 5 symptoms mentioned by AIIMS.

The third wave of corona virus infection (Covid-19) has come near in the country. The rapidly increasing cases of infection are creating panic among the people, as the third wave is registering the highest number of cases of Omicron variant. This new variant is going to mutate very fast, due to which it is a new matter of concern. So far, this variant was not being seen in severe symptoms infected patients, although now some such symptoms are being recorded, about which it is very important to get information.

Recently, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Analysis, some symptoms of the new variant Omicron were revealed. In which common cold symptoms such as runny nose, phlegm, cough, fatigue were included. Now the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has shared 5 such symptoms of Omicron which is quite dangerous. According to AIIMS, this symptom is quite different from the symptoms of other variants.

Know what are these five serious symptoms told by AIIMS?

All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi shared the information by tweeting from its official Twitter account and said that the new variant Omicron has five serious symptoms in which:

omicron me 5 naye lakshan
5 new symptoms are being seen in Omicron. Image : Shutterstock
  1. drop in oxygen level
  2. severe chest pain or sweating profusely at night
  3. having a state of mental confusion
  4. having trouble breathing
  5. These problems being more than three to four days are symptoms of corona virus.

According to media reports, health experts suggest that if you have a problem with the color of your skin. If you see any change in your skin or your lips or nails are turning blue, then it can be a big sign of being infected with Omicron variant. Some people are confused about the symptoms and testing of corona virus infection, so it is very important to know when you should get tested.

After all, when should the corona virus be tested?

kab karwana hai corona ka test
If you are afraid to give a sample, then you can also give a self-collected sample. Image: Shutterstock

According to AIIMS, if you feel any symptoms in yourself like high fever, phlegm, sore throat, body pain, difficulty in breathing, lose your taste and smell, or if you feel the new five symptoms in yourself, then immediately RT PCR test is recommended. If you have come in contact with someone who is suffering from corona virus infection and you do not have any symptoms, then you can isolate yourself at home, you do not need to undergo any test. Your home isolation should be for 7 days and after that a final corona test should be done.

Know from AIIMS what to do and what not to do?

What do you need to do? (Do’s)

  1. stay home if you are infected
  2. Sunrise your hands and some stuff after touching anything
  3. Advise other members of the household to wear masks
  4. Open the windows of your house for ventilation
  5. Take your body temperature every 6 hours
  6. Check Your Oxygen Level Every 6 Hours
  7. If your oxygen level is less than 93 then you need to go to the doctor.
what hai asymptomatic covid
Asymptomatic patients are advised to be home isolated for 7 days. Picture ; shutterstock

What you don’t have to do

  1. Do not try to take remdesivir at home without consulting it.
  2. Do not use budesonide nebulizer at all
  3. Do not use oxygen cylinder at home without consulting a doctor
  4. Do not get any CT scan done without doctor’s advice.
  5. Avoid leaving sugar and BP medicines due to corona medicines.

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