Hindu Temple In Pakistan : Hindu Community Of Pakistan Pays Fine Imposed On Religious Leaders Involved In Karak Temple Attack

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The Hindu community in Pakistan has decided to pay the fines imposed on 11 religious leaders involved in the Karak temple attack in December 2020 from the All Pakistan Hindu Council fund. The Supreme Court of Pakistan had ordered the recovery of Rs 3.30 billion from the accused named in the FIR as reconstruction fee for the temple, despite objections from the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government. Reports had revealed that the local clerics involved in the attack were obstructing the reconstruction of the temple.

The temple is being rebuilt by the government, but a local cleric and a local resident have objected to the expansion of the temple. The contractor has been directed to build a boundary wall in front of the verandah, so as to anger the Hindu community. A local resident said, “The Hindu Council has decided to pay the fine imposed on Jamaat Ulemai-e-Islam Fazal (JUI-F) District Amir Maulana Mir Jakim, East Karak District Nazim Rehmat Salam Khattak, Maulana Sharifulla and eight other leaders. And Rs 268,000 per person has been paid.
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123 accused named in police FIR
“A total of 123 accused have been named in the FIR by the police, many of whom have been named with the help of video footage of the attack,” the report said. The district administration had already sent notices to these 123 people on October 26 to pay their share of fine. A list of properties of these people has also been prepared as it has been decided to confiscate their movable and immovable properties in case of failure to pay the amount.

Refused to help rebuild for fear of clerics
According to the Express Tribune, a local Hindu leader said that the community was completely helpless as the Deputy Commissioner refused to help the local clerics to expand the temple during the reconstruction phase fearing the involvement of the government. So the community did not want to further anger these clerics and they decided to pay their share of the fine from the Hindu Parishad funds.

It is not possible to fulfill the demand of 123 accused.
“The DC also refused to take action against a local cleric who had said that the word ‘Hindu Mandir’ would not be written on the front side of the building,” he said. “The amount has already been paid, but now all the 123 accused are demanding that their fine should also be paid by the Hindu community, which is not possible,” the report said. On Friday, once again the accused were asked to pay the amount within 14 days, otherwise strict action would be taken against them.


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