Hole In Atmosphere: Scientist Found Odd Gap In Atmosphere Of Earth Opens Up Once A Day At North Pole

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A strange phenomenon has been observed in the Earth’s atmosphere. At an altitude of about 250 miles (402 km) above the North Pole, a ‘funnel-shaped gap’ has been found that opens into Earth’s magnetic field and is visible only once a day. It can be seen only at noon local time when the sun is at its highest point. Although this is not of much concern, the magnetic field of the north pole has prevented particles from the Sun from reaching the Earth.

This information has been given in the news of The Mirror. According to the report, the new gap can cause problems for satellites and spacecraft. NASA scientists observing this have also noticed that radio and GPS signals are being disrupted in this area. Any aircraft passing through this region slows down when this gap is opened. NASA has said that it is searching for the reasons behind this, but so far they have not been successful in it.
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Aircraft feel stretch when passing through the area
For this, a sounding rocket from Norway will be shot and tested. Mark Conder, a principal investigator and physicist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, has said that while flying at an altitude of 250 miles above Earth, when spacecraft pass through this area, they feel more stretch as if they have hit a speed breaker. According to NASA, electric and magnetic effects in the ionosphere can be a major cause of this gap.

The biggest hole in the ozone layer created this year
A few days ago there was news that every year a hole in the ozone layer is formed at the South Pole of the Earth, but this year it is bigger than Antarctica. The European Union’s Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service revealed this on Thursday. Every year between August and October, the amount of ozone decreases and this hole is visible over the Antarctic.

According to Copernicus, its largest size usually lasts from mid-September to mid-October. This time it’s a lot bigger. A study published in Nature said that if CFCs were not banned under the Montreal Protocol, then the global temperature would be on the way to increase by 2.5 ° C and the ozone layer would begin to deplete.

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