homestead air reserve base: US Homestead Air Reserve Base Given All-Clear After Damaged Ordnance Was Repaired

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  • Bomb dropped from fighter plane at Homestead Air Reserve Base of US Air Force
  • Due to loosening of the screw, there was chaos in the area around the airbase due to the bombing
  • The entire area was evacuated for investigation, the hard-to-find bomb was defused

The Florida airbase of the US Air Force was evacuated after the loss of an explosive device (likely a bomb). According to the information, this explosive device was planted in a fighter aircraft. Due to the loosening of the screw during the flight, the device fell in a nearby area. When this device was not found even after a lot of searching, the entire airbase was evacuated as a precaution.

Homestead Air Reserve Base Incident
The report said that the incident happened on Wednesday night at Homestead Air Reserve Base located in Miami Dade County, Florida. The device did not explode during the fall, but it was feared that it may have exploded due to the filling of highly active explosives. Airmen present at the base were engaged in locating the explosives and clearing the entire area.

People were warned to stay at home
Some videos of the incident have also surfaced, in which local police vehicles are seen standing around the airbase. People living around the base have shared the video of the incident. Police officials have advised the people around to stay indoors. Airbase officials claim that the situation is under control.

The officials did not give any information about the explosives
Officials have not given any information about the type of explosive and the reason for its loosening. Local people have also been seen asking questions to the officials on social media. At the same time, according to the report of Miami CBS Local, the airbase has now been reopened after confining people in homes for a long time. Officials have claimed that they have found the device.


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