Horrifying Toilet Video : Man Shares Video Of His Toilet Shows Hundreds Of Millipedes What Happens When You Take Too Long In The Toilet People were scared after seeing the video of the man in Australia

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Sitting on the toilet for a long time can be harmful to your health. A man shared a video of his toilet on the Internet, which scared people. Hundreds of insects can be seen crawling in the video of a man standing next to a toilet seat. The video has been posted by Tiktok user @generationxer, which has been watched by more than 16 million people so far.

The video was posted to show what happens ‘when you take too much time in the toilet’. Thousands of insects crawled out from under the toilet seat and started crawling on the man’s bare feet, which scared many onlookers. Commenting on the video, people wrote, ‘Which country do you live in so that I can remove that country’s name from my travel list?’ At the same time, a user wrote, ‘At first I was thinking how can the toilet be square that only then the real trouble came to the fore.’
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Millions of insects born in the rain
In another video, the man shows a view outside the house where a lot of insects are crawling on the walls and birds are waiting to eat them. He says, ‘There are thousands but not millions of millipedes that were born from the recent rains. These insects have found their way into this holiday rental. If there is any crack in the house, they enter it, as you saw in the previous video.

Video of the Australian city of Adelete
According to the news of Dailystar, this video is from the York Peninsula near the Australian city of Adelete. Which is enough to deter many people from visiting this beauty spot. The insects are believed to have been black Portuguese millipedes, an introduced species now known as a moth in Australia. These are found in large numbers together and are very active after the autumn rains when this video was made.


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