Houthi Rebels Latest News : Pro Government Forces Capture Key Areas In Hodeidah Yemen After Fights With Houthi Rebels – Houthi Rebels On Backfoot! Government forces occupied key areas, the fighters fled the field

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Fighting continues in Yemen’s Red Sea port city of Hodeidah. A military official told Xinhua that forces loyal to the Yemeni government have captured key areas of the Houthi rebel group. A local military official said on condition of anonymity that during the past hours, joint pro-government forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition launched a major military operation on Saturday against Houthi-held sites in the Hej district of southern Hodeidah.

He said that the hedge has been completely secured as a result of the military operation. Also Houthi rebels have been driven out of the district as well as neighboring areas. According to the report of Xinhua news agency, the fighting continues. The official said pro-government forces were making progress towards other areas in Hodeidah. According to the official, several people were killed and injured as a result of an armed confrontation between the two warring Yemeni rivals.
Big blow to Houthi rebels, 18 killed in Saudi Arabian airstrikes in Yemen
Houthi claims to have foiled attacks
The Houthi rebel group, on the other hand, said it had succeeded in thwarting two major attacks launched against the Hej district, and did not provide any further details. Last week, Yemeni forces partially withdrew from their positions in areas south and east of the troubled city of Hodeidah. He said the partial withdrawal was implemented within the framework of a UN-sponsored agreement to establish green zones in conflict zones in Hodeidah.

Drone strikes claim in Saudi cities
Hodeidah has seen a volatile ceasefire between the government and the Houthi group since it reached a UN-sponsored ceasefire in Stockholm in December 2018. Earlier, Houthi rebels claimed that they had carried out drone attacks on several Saudi cities. It also includes places like King Abdullah Airport and Abha Airport located in Jeddah. According to media reports, 14 drones were used in this attack.


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