how russia saved india in 1971: video how soviet union helped india in 1971 war against Pakistan and United States Navy 7th Fleet: video how Soviet Union helped India in 1971 war against Pakistan and US Navy 7th Fleet

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America was left watching the 50-year-old video that changed the course of the 1971 war


Moscow/New Delhi
Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to reach India in a few hours. The eyes of the whole world are on his visit to India. For the past several years, questions have also been raised on the relations between India and Russia. The top leadership of Russia itself had many times openly blamed the US for weakening relations with India. Despite this, both countries know that their relationship is more than 70 years old. This year India and Russia celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation. It was this treaty that turned the tide of the 1971 war.

India and Russia signed the treaty in 1971
On 9 August 1971, India and the then Soviet Union (present-day Russia) signed the Chiranjeevi Friendship Papers. This was the treaty whose power radically changed the equation of the then world. Not only this, it influenced the foreign policy of not only South Asia but also America and European countries. At that time, America was also forced to change its strategy on the global superpower and grandeur.

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Russia played friendship in difficult times of India
In 1971, the situation was not favorable for India at all. On the one hand, in the erstwhile East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh), the people suffering from the atrocities of the Pakistani army were being infiltrated to take refuge in India. At the same time, the alliance of Pakistan, America and China was getting stronger. In such a situation, there was a big threat to the security of India surrounded by three directions. Despite the sanctions, both America and China were giving military help to Pakistan by secretly giving weapons.

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Russian Foreign Minister came to India and signed the agreement
In such a situation, the Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union Andrei Gromiko came to India and on this day in 1971, he signed the Soviet-India Peace, Friendship and Cooperation Treaty with the then Foreign Minister of India, Sardar Swaran Singh. This treaty became a milestone in the friendly relations between the two countries. Soon after this treaty, the Soviet Union declared that an attack on India would be considered an attack on it. This is the reason why the US naval fleet did not dare to attack India during the 1971 war.

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India destroyed Karachi with Russian missile attack boat
In the 1971 war, the Indian Navy destroyed Pakistan’s Karachi port with missile attack boats purchased from Russia. Not only this, India had sunk PNS Khyber, which is said to be the backbone of the Pakistani Navy. Pakistan was so scared of these missile boats of India that it had called all its ships to the port of Karachi. In the 1971 war, the Indian Navy dominated the entire Arabian Sea. No ship could enter or leave the Arabian Sea without the approval of India.

America accused of breaking friendship with India
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had said in December last year that India’s close partnership and special ties with Russia were weakening due to the US-led Western countries. In an event of the Russian International Affairs Council, Russia’s state-run think-tank, Lavrov had alleged that India is moving away from us because of America.


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