Imran Khan China Visit: Pakistan PM Imran Khan China Visit for bilateral talks and CPEC

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  • Pakistani PM Imran Khan to visit China next month
  • CPEC aims to achieve maximum investment for various projects
  • China has stopped funding of CPEC, Beijing’s concern increased due to attack on civilians

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan plans to visit China early next month. The main objective of his visit will be to further strengthen his all-time bilateral ties with Beijing, besides garnering greater investment for various projects under the CPEC. In fact, angered by the ongoing political instability in Pakistan and attacks on Chinese citizens working in CPEC, China has stopped funding of many projects.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Special Aide on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Khalid Mansoor said on the sidelines of the release of the annual APCEA Sustainable Development Report 2021 on Wednesday that the Prime Minister will remove all the hurdles in the way of investors before his visit to China. want to give. Mansoor is also the head of the CPEC authority.

Anger erupts again in Pakistan against CPEC, tremendous protest in Gwadar
Imran wants to complete CPEC at any cost
He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan inquires about the progress of CPEC projects every 15 days. The annual APCEA Sustainable Development Report-2021 was released by the Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) and the All-Pakistan Chinese Enterprises Association (APCEA) at the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad.

CPEC Protest: Imran Khan enslaves his own people with the help of communist China, people’s ‘revolt’ in Gwadar
According to an official statement, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered to ensure the system of single window operation by removing 37 rules for the convenience of foreign investors in Pakistan. On behalf of the CPEC authority, it was said that Khan has seen the difference created by the work of Chinese enterprises in Pakistan and it was because of CPEC that the dream of Thar Coal Energy was realized.

Pakistan not serious about the problems of CPEC? Chinese investors run away
CPEC is being built at a cost of 60 billion dollars
The CPEC, costing around US$60 billion, links China’s resource-rich Xinjiang province with the strategically important Gwadar port in Balochistan, Pakistan. CPEC is the most important part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative which is the most favored plan of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The purpose of this project is to increase China’s influence around the world through Chinese-funded infrastructure.

China raged on Pakistan over killing of Chinese engineers, canceled important meeting on CPEC
Speakers present at the event welcomed Imran Khan’s visit to China in early February and said it would strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries. During this, Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong highlighted Chinese investment in CPEC. Rong said that China has so far spent US$25 billion on CPEC being built in Pakistan, which provided employment to 75,000 people, built 500 kilometers of highways and roads, and generated 5,500 kilowatts of electricity.

China stopped funding of CPEC from 2017, Imran Khan government confessed the truth in Pakistani Parliament
Chinese companies manufacturing in Pakistan

APCEA represents 200 Chinese companies that are based in Pakistan. The event was attended by more than 100 participants, including CEOs of Chinese companies. Significantly, China and Pakistan see each other as all-time allies. Apart from this, China is the largest supplier of military equipment to Pakistan. Now China has also agreed to provide financial help to Pakistan so that its deteriorating economy can be handled.


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