Imran Khan News: Imran Khan spoke on fears of nuclear war with India

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  • Imran Khan fears nuclear war between India and Pakistan
  • Said- nuclear war may break out due to BJP’s fascist policies
  • Threat – If India conducts air strike, it will respond with an aggressive attitude

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has started to fear nuclear war in India and Pakistan due to the policies of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He gleefully said that Pakistan will also respond to India with the same aggression. Imran Khan said that the people of India are sensitive and sensible but they are being ruled by fundamentalists.

Imran said – afraid of BJP’s fascist policies
In an interview to Al Jazeera, Imran Khan said on a question asked about the possibility of nuclear war between India and Pakistan, that the BJP’s fascist government is dangerous for India and the region. He feared that the fascist policies of the BJP could lead to a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. He said that I do not understand how BJP governs an intelligent nation like Hindus.

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‘…then the nuclear powers will be face to face’
Imran said that if India conducts air strikes, it will be answered with full force and aggression. He also referred to the Pakistani Air Force’s retaliation after the Balakot airstrike of February 2019. Imran said that if the BJP’s fascist government attacks, as it has done before, then I am afraid that the two nuclear powers will come face to face and the consequences will be dire.

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Imran spews poison on Kashmir too
He said that only a radical mind can think like this. Imran Khan, spewing venom over Kashmir, alleged that India has turned the area into a prison. He said that eight million Kashmiris are forced to live in open prisons. Imran also talked about raising the issue of Kashmir at every forum.

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Imran has already attacked Modi government
Imran Khan had alleged in the Margalla Dialogue 21 held in Islamabad a few days ago that the Modi government of India is racist. Imran Khan also said that western countries criticize Pakistan for terrorism, but no one speaks anything on the fascist policies of India.

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A flurry of false allegations against India
Imran Khan said that what India is doing in Jammu and Kashmir is called democracy. No western country criticizes it. He alleged that the kind of racist government that has come in India has fascist policies. He even made a false allegation of discriminating against minorities in India.

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