Imran Khan On Mob Lynching : Women Stripped And Beaten In Pakistan Imran Khan Says Cannot Tolerate Violence On The Name Of Religion

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that his government will not tolerate mob violence in the name of religion and will not spare those responsible for it. He was addressing a condolence meeting organized at the Prime Minister’s Office for the slain Sri Lankan national Priyantha Kumara. He was lynched and set ablaze by a mob on charges of blasphemy in Punjab province’s Sialkot last week.

“Those who commit violence under the guise of religion will not be spared,” he said. Imran Khan said the Sialkot incident has brought the country to a point to “end such incidents”. He expressed regret that people in Pakistan are killing others in the name of the Holy Prophet and accused of blasphemy are rotting in jails as lawyers and judges are afraid to hear such cases.
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‘Incidents like Sialkot are a matter of shame’
Khan said that Pakistan is the only country which was founded in the name of Islam, but incidents like Sialkot are a matter of shame. He said that ‘we are going in a completely different direction’ and the nation should study the life of the Prophet. Khan said the business community of Sialkot has collected $100,000 for the family of the deceased Sri Lankan national. He said that the victim’s family would get their (deceased) monthly salary for the life-long period.

Imran said – role model is necessary for the country
‘Role models are important in the country because people follow them,’ Khan said, adding that ‘moral strength is more important than physical strength’. He said that the youth would remember how Adnan faced those demons (mob). Adnan has been nominated for the ‘Tamga-e-Shujaat’ award for this work which he will receive on March 23 next year. Adnan had risked his life to save the Sri Lankan citizen from the mob.

People beating women on the middle of the road
A very shameful and horrific video surfaced from Pakistan when Imran Khan was giving knowledge on violence. In this video from Faisalabad, some men are seen beating up two women who are naked. It was claimed with the video that these women were caught stealing, in exchange for which their clothes were stripped and they were beaten up. Is the country dead and not able to deliver justice, is mob justice the only way left.’

Under the video, many people not only condemned the mob system of Pakistan but also called this video objectionable. A user retweeting the tweet of Punjab Police said that please delete this video. The Punjab Police in its tweet has informed about the arrest of the five accused who beat up the women.


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