Imran Khan On Pm Modi Muslims Genocide: Pakistan PM Imran Khan Furious On Modi & BJP Says They Are Silent On Genocide Of Muslims By Hindutva Groups

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  • Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan gave ‘knowledge’ about India’s minorities, especially Muslims
  • Imran said that the Modi government kept silent on the call of extremist Hindus for ‘genocide of Muslims’
  • He said that this raises the question whether the BJP government supports the call of extremists.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has failed to stop the continuous attacks against Hindus and Christians, has given ‘knowledge’ about India’s minorities, especially Muslims. Imran Khan said on Monday that the Modi government has kept silent on the call of “genocide of minorities, especially 200 million Muslims” in the meeting of extremist Hindus held in December. He said that this raises the question whether the BJP government supports this call of extremists.

Imran Khan in his tweet demanded the attention of the international community and action against the Modi government. The Pakistani PM said, ‘All religious minorities in India have been targeted by Hindutva groups under the radical ideology of the BJP Modi government. The radical agenda of the Modi government is real and has posed a threat to the peace in our region.

‘Modi government trying to change the population of Kashmir’
Recently, Imran Khan gave many poisonous statements of PM Modi. Imran Khan had said that the UN Security Council’s promise to conduct a UN-supervised plebiscite in Kashmir has not been fulfilled yet. The Pakistani PM alleged that the Modi government, which supports Hindus, is brazenly violating the resolutions of the Security Council and trying to change the population in Kashmir.

Imran Khan tweeted that the Modi government is violating international humanitarian laws and international agreements. The Modi government has committed a war crime by changing the status of Kashmir and trying to change its population. The Pakistani PM demanded from the international community, especially the United Nations, that India should be prosecuted for war crimes in Kashmir. He claimed that Pakistan stands firmly in the ongoing struggle for self-determination of the Kashmiri people.
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Hindu temples are being demolished in Pakistan, Christians are persecuted
The Pakistan PM has given this knowledge at a time when temples of Hindus are being demolished in his own country and atrocities on Christians are continuing. The condition is that Hindus in Pakistan have to face institutional discrimination. From buying a house to getting a job, even taking advantage of government facilities, they have to work much harder. Now they have started converting religion and joining the majority as the only solution so that they can avoid atrocities and violence. Hindu leaders say that economic conditions also compel them to do so.

The economy of Pakistan is in a bad condition due to Corona virus, which is affecting the poorest minority section of the country. It is feared that 1.8 crore people may lose their jobs in the country. There are no more Hindus left to help other Hindus in the country. Hindu girls are abducted and forcibly converted to Islam and forcibly married.


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