imran khan pakistan economic condition india: imran khan breaks all record of taking loan, telling pauper pakistan better than india imran khan broke record of taking loan from imf now claiming pakistan economic condition better than india

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has claimed that Pakistan’s economy is better than India. This statement of Imran Khan has come at a time when Pakistan is standing at the door of the International Monetary Fund for a loan of $ 1 billion. Imran Khan, who came to power in the year 2018, has taken a loan of $ 40 billion in the last 3 years, breaking all the records of taking loans so far.

According to famous Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, Imran Khan always shows himself to be the saver of Pakistan from crisis. He often says that a country takes too much debt only when its leaders themselves are corrupt. Imran Khan had claimed before coming to power that he would prefer to lay down his life instead of pleading for a loan. However, after coming to power, Imran Khan has forgotten his own statements. He has broken all the records set earlier by taking loan of $ 40 billion in the last 3 years.

Pakistan on the verge of financial bankruptcy
Pakistan’s opposition parties are now asking Imran Khan to stick to his word and since he has mortgaged Pakistan’s economic sovereignty to the IMF, the PM should give his life. At the same time, some experts are even claiming that Pakistan has reached the verge of economic bankruptcy. Now the biggest question has become in Pakistan whether Imran Khan will be able to save Pakistan from economic devastation or will he lose his government before the elections to be held in 2023.

Imran Khan had proved to be the luckiest prime minister ever after coming to power and he had the full support of the country’s powerful army. Not only this, the opposition had also become weak and was divided. After enjoying for almost 3 years, now Imran Khan’s own government is in trouble. Imran Khan’s downfall began in September last year when his party PTI lost in the local body elections held in the military residential area.

Pakistan has highest inflation in South Asia
After this, Imran Khan’s party also lost the local body elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, adjacent to Afghanistan. Imran Khan’s party was in power in this area since 2013 but it had to face defeat in most of the cities. This has completely terrified Imran Khan. Imran Khan started the year 2022 with a historic rise in oil prices. While the common Pakistani is struggling with rising inflation, Imran Khan is claiming that his country is one of the cheapest countries in the world. The reality is that Pakistan has the highest inflation in South Asia. The Pakistani rupee is dying against the dollar. After all this Imran Khan is telling Pakistan better than India.


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