Imran Khan vladimir putin News: India in tension due to strengthening relations between Pakistan, Russia

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  • Vladimir Putin and Imran Khan may meet in China next month
  • Both leaders are going to China to support Beijing Winter Olympics
  • India may be tensed due to Pakistan-China’s growing closeness with Russia

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to meet in China next month. The leaders of both countries are due to visit China next month to support the Beijing Winter Olympics to be held in China. During this, bilateral talks can also take place between Putin and Imran. Many western countries, including the US, have boycotted the Beijing Winter Olympics. In such a situation, Imran and Putin will try to demonstrate their unity by standing with China. However, India’s concerns may increase due to the increasing proximity of Russia to China and Pakistan.

China wants to show power on the pretext of Olympics
The Beijing Winter Olympics is also a show of strength for Chinese President Xi Jinping. The event will be held from February 4 to February 20 in different parts of Beijing. The coming together of Russia, China and Pakistan can affect the peace and stability of the whole of Asia. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visited Islamabad last year and promised to give arms. At the same time, Imran Khan and Vladimir Putin have spoken on the phone at least three times in four months.

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Imran Khan will go to Beijing to seek funds from China
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to Beijing to seek more funds from China for projects related to CPEC. He can become the first such leader in the world, who will reach China after the epidemic starts. Pakistan has claimed that they have been invited by Chinese President Xi Jinping. In fact, angered by the ongoing political instability in Pakistan and attacks on Chinese citizens working in CPEC, China has stopped funding of many projects.

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Pakistan in pursuit of increasing military cooperation with Russia
Seeing the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and the geo-political environment in Asia, Russia and Pakistan are drawing closer. In September itself, Russian Deputy Defense Minister General Alexander V Fomin held talks with Pakistani officials to enhance bilateral military ties. Since September, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin at least three times. In September, the Pakistani Army also conducted a joint exercise named Druzhba-2021 with the Russian Army.

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Pakistan-Russia ready to share intelligence
Russia and Pakistan have agreed to enhance joint exercises between the two countries, share intelligence and exchange views on regional security. If Pakistan starts getting intelligence from Russia, then it will be a matter of increasing concern for India. Not only this, by conducting bilateral exercises, Pakistan can get more information about the weapons of Russia, which India uses. The biggest threat to Pakistan is from India, in such a situation, it can try to increase its own strength by putting Russia in its side.

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Russia to lay pipeline from Kasur to Karachi
Russia said a few months ago that it has signed an agreement to lay a pipeline from Russia’s Kasur city to Pakistan’s Karachi city. Due to which speculations were made to increase the economic ties between the two countries. If this pipeline is laid, then the supply of oil and gas to Pakistan will start directly from Russia. This can reduce the dependence of Pakistan on the Gulf countries for energy needs.


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