India China Dispute Latest News : India China In Africa Indian Naval Ship INS Kesari And Chinese Foreign Minister To Reach Comoros Together

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  • India and China trying to strengthen their position in Africa
  • Chinese Foreign Minister will visit Comoros, will also visit Sri Lanka and Maldives
  • Indian Navy ship INS Kesari will also dock in Comoros on the same day

China is starting the new year by expanding its reach in the Indian Ocean and Africa. India also wants to strengthen its roots in the African region. An Indian naval ship will also dock at the same time in the Comoros in response to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to the strategic Comoros in the western Indian Ocean later this week.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced last week that Wang would visit Kenya, Eritrea and Comoros from January 4 to 7, and then visit the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Indian officials are keeping an eye on the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister to India’s neighboring countries. The most important area in this is Comoros, a small island located in the northwest of Madagascar, where India is also making constant efforts to increase its presence. In such a situation, the competition of influence between two neighbors in any outskirts will be quite interesting.

India’s Kesari in the neighborhood of Comoros
According to the Times of India news, an Indian naval ship INS Kesari will dock in Comoros on January 6, the day Wang is scheduled to reach here. INS Kesari has been involved in delivering relief materials to countries in the region as part of India’s Mission Sagar and is currently docked in neighboring Mozambique. According to the Indian Navy, small arms training was conducted by INS Kesari for Mozambican military personnel as part of the visit.
China is bridging the entire Aksai Chin with roads and bridges, not only Pangong Lake, big disclosure from satellite picture
There is no Embassy of India in Comoros
Kesari’s presence in the Comoros along with the Chinese foreign minister is being seen as an opportunity, as India seeks to shore up the Chinese presence in the region. Although India has had diplomatic relations with the Comoros since 1976, the country at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel does not have an embassy in India, which is a major transit and security centre. China opened its embassy in Comoros in 1975. India’s first high level visit to Comoros took place in 2019.

China’s construction work intensified in Galvan Valley
The Chinese dragon, which is building a bridge over Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh, is all-round strengthening its fortifications against India in the entire Aksai Chin area. China has forcibly occupied Aksai Chin area of ​​India and is now laying a network of roads and bridges there. The latest pictures from satellite images have revealed that China has greatly accelerated its construction work in the middle of 2020-21 after the bloody skirmish in Galwan Valley of Ladakh.
China showed eyes to America, said – will continue to make atomic bombs modern
‘Dragon’ widening old roads
China is not only building new roads but also new bridges in the Aksai Chin area. In addition, the old roads are being widened. Along with this, China is also making many alternative routes in this area. China is running this construction work in many sectors of Aksai Chin. According to experts, China is trying to strengthen its hold on Aksai Chin and also to respond swiftly to the Indian Army in case of any aggressive action.


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