India China Military Talk : 14th Round Of India China Military Talk Thousands Of Indian Soldiers Deployed On LAC

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China on Tuesday said the current situation in the border areas with India is “generally stable” and held the 14th round of Corps Commander-level talks on Wednesday to discuss the process of withdrawing troops from the remaining areas of conflict in eastern Ladakh. confirmed to be. The said statement by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin came a day after sources in the security establishment in New Delhi said that India will be in the eastern region, ahead of the 14th round of military talks between the two sides on the 20-month-long dispute. Looking forward to a fruitful dialogue with China to resolve the issue in the remaining places of conflict in Ladakh.

Asked whether China can confirm the meeting and its expectations, Wang told a press conference, “As agreed by the two sides, China and India will be on the 14th meeting place on the Maldo side on the Chinese side on January 12.” There will be commander level talks of the round. “At present, the situation along the China-India border is generally stable,” he said. “The two sides are communicating through diplomatic and military channels,” Wang said. We hope that India will work with China and move from emergency response to normalized management and control in border areas.
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Talks will be held on January 12 in Chushul-Moldo
According to New Delhi-based sources, ‘Senior Highest Military Commander-level’ talks between India and China will take place on January 12 in Chushul-Moldo on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). He said the main focus of the talks would be the withdrawal of troops in the Hot Springs area. It is expected that India will push for an early withdrawal of troops at all remaining places of confrontation, including resolution of the issues at Depsang Bulg and Demchok.

Talks have happened 13 times but inconclusive
It is noteworthy that the 13th round of military talks was held on 10 October 2021 and could not resolve the deadlock. India and China in their digital diplomatic talks on November 18 last year had agreed to hold the 14th round of military talks shortly to achieve the goal of a complete withdrawal of troops from the remaining areas of confrontation in eastern Ladakh. The Eastern Ladakh border standoff arose after a violent clash between Indian and Chinese troops in the Pangong Lake area on May 5, 2020.

The process of withdrawing troops on the northern and southern banks of Pangong Lake and in the Gogra area was completed last year by both sides as a result of a series of military and diplomatic talks. There are currently around 50,000 to 60,000 troops from each of the two countries in the sensitive areas of the Line of Actual Control.


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