india china missile comparison: India Tests Agni Prime Missile Capable of Reaching China: India Tests Agni Prime Missile Capable of Reaching China

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Nuclear-Capable Agni Prime Missile: Nuclear-capable Agni Prime missile test successful, know the specialty


India today successfully test-fired a new generation ballistic missile Agni Prime (Agni P) from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island off the Odisha coast. This missile can also carry nuclear warheads with it. The range of this missile is being told between 1000 to 2000 km. Agni P is a two-stage cannistered solid propellant ballistic missile with dual redundant navigation and guidance system. India had test-fired the Agni-5 missile in October itself, to which China reacted strongly. India’s Agni-5 missile has a range of 5000 km. Apart from carrying out nuclear attack, this missile is capable of carrying conventional explosives as well. A few days ago, India had test-fired an indigenous anti-tank missile at the Pokhran Field Firing Range in Rajasthan. In view of the ongoing tension with China, India is continuously testing missiles. In such a situation, India is being compared to China’s missiles. Know how much China is ahead of India in missile power.

China’s DF-41 missile has a range of 15000 km
China’s DF-17 missile has a range of 12000 to 15000 km. It can launch a nuclear attack on any Indian base after firing from Beijing. The Dongfeng-41 is a fourth generation solid fuel powered intercontinental ballistic missile. This missile is operated by the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force of China. This missile, 21 meters long and 2.25 meters round, can be delivered anywhere through a truck mounted launcher. The DF-41 missile has a top speed of Mach 25 (30626 km/h).

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China’s DF-31 missile can attack up to 8000 km
China’s Dong Fang 31 missile has a range of 7000 to 8000 km. This missile is also capable of carrying out a nuclear attack. It is the third generation long-range nuclear missile. It is designed to carry a 1-megaton thermonuclear weapon. The DF-31 has a maximum speed of 8 km/s. It can be launched from missile silos and any truck mounted platform. The length of this missile is 13 meters and the weight is around 42 tons.

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US fears hypersonic speed of DF-17 missile
China’s DF-17 missile can hit its target at hypersonic speed up to 2500 km away. The power of this missile is so much that even America is afraid of it. A top US general has also admitted that it does not have an effective air defense system to stop China’s DF-17. The missile was first demonstrated last year on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. This missile weighs 15000 kg and is 11 meters long, which can carry nuclear warheads apart from conventional explosives. Simply put, this missile is also capable of carrying out a nuclear attack.

China’s DF-26 missile is no less dangerous
China’s DF-26/21 missile has a range of about 4 thousand kilometers and most of the cities of India come under its JD. China has deployed it only 500 km from Ladakh. This missile is famous worldwide for its dual capability. The DF-26 is capable of carrying both nuclear and conventional weapons. Due to this capability, the enemy will find it difficult to understand which missile is carrying nuclear weapons.


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