india china standoff: Video Shows Indian Army Chinse Army Standoff Near Arunachal Pradesh’s Bum La Pass

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  • Indian and Chinese forces face off near Bum La pass in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Video of this incident being shared on social media
  • Indian army stopped Chinese soldiers from moving forward, Chinese soldiers returned

China’s provocative activities in Arunachal Pradesh are increasing continuously. It has been claimed that recently the Indian Army had a face-off with a Chinese army patrol near Bum La (pass). After the intervention of the Indian Army, the Chinese army was forced to retreat. The video of this incident is also being shared on social media. However, this incident has not been confirmed by the Indian Army or any official source.

Video being told near Bum La Pass
It is being claimed that this video has been shot near Bum La in Arunachal Pradesh. During the 1962 war, there has been a fierce battle between the Indian and Chinese forces in this area. Now the Indian Army and ITBP personnel are stationed round the clock for security in this area. In the video, Indian soldiers are seen standing on one side of a small river and Chinese soldiers on the other side talking.

Indian and Chinese soldiers talking in the video
In the video, an Indian Army officer told Chinese soldiers in English that “…we believe in maintaining the status quo. You should maintain the same. See you?” The Chinese soldier replied that “Yes, yes… I understand,” adding that “your commander said we can reach Bum La here and you can too. It doesn’t matter.” On this the Indian soldier said that “I will clarify with my commander.”

China is settling people in villages on India border by paying money, Jinping will settle border disputes like this?
China has changed the names of 15 places in Arunachal
No date is mentioned in the latest video. However, it is being claimed that this video has been shot recently. Just a few days ago, China announced names of Chinese characters, Tibetan and Roman alphabets for 15 more places in Arunachal Pradesh. These names will now be used in the official map of China. This move of China is related to strengthening its claim on Indian territory.

Trickster China changed the names of 15 places of Arunachal Pradesh… India said – integral part, the reality will not change by making names
China is setting up ‘border villages’ and civilian settlements
China has also built many modern villages around the LAC. In view of the ongoing tussle between India and China, common citizens are hesitant to live in these villages, but China is trying to trap these people by giving them various kinds of greed. A few days ago, a US report also claimed that China has built a village in Arunachal Pradesh near the border with India.

China deployed super powerful satellite, will monitor every movement of Indian Army
People have to give greed to settle down
According to the report of The Telegraph, these villages have been built in a very remote area. Apart from this, the weather here is also not conducive for people to live. In such a situation, China is showing roads, water, electricity and communication network to woo people. These people are also being offered free high quality infrastructure. Indian officials believe that China is building more than 600 such villages along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).


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