India russia Ak 203 Rifle deal: Indian army will launch INSAS day, army will be equipped with AK-203, will rain 600 bullets in 1 minute

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Moscow / New Delhi
After a long wait of many years, a defense agreement of Rs 5100 crore has been signed between India and Russia for the AK-203 rifle. The agreement was signed during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India. Russia’s AK-203 rifle is the most modern version of the world’s deadliest and most successful rifle AK-47. Under this deal, 7.5 lakh rifles will be made in Amethi’s factory for the Indian Army and paramilitary forces. These rifles will replace India’s indigenous rifle INSAS in the army. Let us understand why Russian rifle is better than INSAS….

The Indian Army was grappling with the problems of the INSAS rifle for a long time. INSAS was inducted into the Army in the 1990s. The INSAS rifle was made by DRDO. For many years, the Indian Army and the Paramilitary Force had been searching for an alternative to the INSAS rifle. In fact, there were problems of INSAS jamming, the rifle going into automatic mode after three rounds and oil getting into the eyes of the riflemen during the war. Even during the Kargil war of 1999, soldiers had complained about the magazine being broken due to the INSAS jam. This problem was aggravated when the temperature was freezing.

INSAS rifle is breathless in running, heavy in weight

Troubled by the problems of INSAS, the soldiers left INSAS and started using AK-47 or other imported guns to respond to terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir. Even CRPF has started using AK-47s in militancy affected areas. Para commandos, marine commandos, Garud commandos (special forces of the Indian Air Force), even the National Security Guard relied on German or Israeli automatic rifles, the Heckler & Koch MP5 Gun and the Tavor Rifles.

Even the Special Protection Group gave Belgian made FN F-2000 rifles to the soldiers engaged in VVIP security including the PM. When fired from INSAS, she strikes only for 400 meters and the magazine fires only twenty rounds at a time, it can be easily counted how many have been fired and how many bullets are still left. Even this is a very big and heavy rifle. It weighs 4.15 kg without magazine and kirsch, which makes it difficult to carry it. At the same time, the AK-203 rifle, in collaboration with the Russian company, will be made in Amethi in India. Its weight is 4 kg.

Enemy will be clear within a radius of 400 meters from AK-203
The serving Major General of the Army will head this project. The AK-203 rifle is an advanced version of the AK-47 series. Earlier the name of this rifle was AK-103M but later it was changed to AK-203. Thirty bullets will come in its magazine. It will strike 100 percent within a radius of 400 meters. It will be much lighter and smaller than the INSAS rifle. It is more stable, reliable and its accuracy is also higher. Its hold is also better. The rifle also has a Picatinny rail (a platform mounted on top of the rifle that can house a night vision device or a long-sighted device). While 5.56×45mm caliber bullets are used in INSAS, the Russian rifle will fire 7.62×39mm bullets which will make it easier to annihilate the enemy.

Ten bullets will fire in a second
With this rifle, 600 bullets can be fired in a minute. That means ten bullets will be fired in a second. It can be used both automatically and semi-automatically. The most special thing about this AK series rifle is that it will never jam. It will work in any type of weather whether it is severe cold, summer or rain. Expressing confidence in the rifle, the army of fifty countries is using AK-47. At the same time, more than thirty countries have taken license to make this Russian rifle AK-203. Ordnance Factory will have more share in making this rifle. In this Ordnance shares are 50.5 percent while the Russian company has been given 49.5 percent shares.


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