Indian Pakistan Conflict News : Pakistan Rejects Using Indian Trucks To Send Humanitarian Aid And Wheat To Afghanistan

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Pakistan has once again blocked Indian humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. India says it offered about 50,000 metric tonnes of wheat and medicines to Afghanistan on October 7 as humanitarian relief. A dispute broke out between Pakistan and India over the route of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Pakistan was ready for this earlier but now it has put many conditions in front of India.

The Taliban formally confirmed New Delhi’s offer of aid after a meeting between Indian officials and Taliban officials on the sidelines of the ‘Moscow Format’ talks on October 20. According to a report in the Express Tribune, Pakistani authorities have informed the Indian High Commission in Islamabad that they will only allow Pakistani trucks operating under the protection of the UN to transport Indian supplies to Afghanistan.
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Pakistan said – complete the supply in 30 days
Pakistan has also proposed that the shipment charges for the transportation of supplies to Afghanistan should be borne by the Indian government. There is also a condition that the entire 50,000 metric tonnes of wheat must be transported within 30 days after the first truck is dispatched from the Indian border. Pakistan has said that wheat and other supplies should be loaded on trucks at the Wagah border in Punjab, India. Islamabad estimates that around 1200 trucks will be needed to transport Indian wheat.

‘There should be no conditions for humanitarian aid’
India has rejected these demands. Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “We believe that humanitarian aid should not be subject to conditions.” This move of Pakistan exposes its double-sided character. Earlier on November 24, Pakistan’s Foreign Office said Islamabad had agreed to New Delhi’s demand for a transit as a gesture of goodwill to the Afghan people like ‘brothers’.

Pakistan was ready to help
The statement said it was accepting New Delhi’s request for humanitarian purposes “on exceptional grounds”. Khan had also tweeted after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s meeting with Amir Khan Muttaki, Foreign Minister in the Taliban government, that on the request of the Afghan brothers for the proposed wheat transportation from India through Pakistan for humanitarian purposes. Pakistan will ‘think’.

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