India’s first DNA vaccine is ready, know its price, method of taking and its effect on the virus

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DNA vaccines are different from RNA vaccines. but how? Don’t be confused, Healthshots will get you all the information you need.

Omicron, a new variant of corona virus infection, is becoming a threat in almost every country of the world. In India too, more than 600 cases have been reported so far. Even though the infected person may not show any specific symptoms, concerns about the rapidly spreading variant Omicron are increasing. Health experts and the World Health Organization are constantly expressing concern about this. In the midst of all this, India’s first DNA vaccine Zycov-d vaccine has been prepared. Know how it will work and what will be its effect on the virus.

Whatever the variant, the vaccine is essential

baccho ke liye vaccine
The vaccine for children has been prepared by the Indian company Zydus Cadila. Image : Shutterstock

Vaccine is considered to be the most important to prevent corona, due to which a successful vaccination campaign is going on in the country since January 16. Recently, the mention of a new DNA vaccine has become very fast. In fact, while addressing the country on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told about starting the campaign of DNA vaccine soon. The Prime Minister said that this DNA vaccine will prove to be very effective against Corona.

Which vaccine is being used the most?

Currently, two indigenous vaccines are being used the most in India. Covishield and Covaccine. Apart from these two, soon DNA vaccine will also be part of the vaccination campaign.

People are curious to know what is a DNA vaccine and how does it work? What will it cost in India? If you also have this question in your mind, then today you are going to get all the answers on Healthshots.

Let us first know what is a DNA based vaccine?

The name of the first DNA vaccine that has been prepared in India is Zycov-d vaccine. This vaccine is a type of plasma DNA vaccine, which is prepared using DNA.

antibody banati hai vaccine
The vaccine works to make antibodies. Image : Shutterstock

Any type of needle is used to inject this vaccine into the body. is not used. According to the report, this vaccine has been prepared from spike protein, which gives immunity to the body to fight against corona. According to the information shared by the company, DNA vaccine is more than 66.6 percent effective against corona.

What is the difference between RNA and DNA vaccine?

The vaccines currently being used in India are all RNA based vaccines. RNA vaccine is prepared from RNA, in the same way DNA vaccine is made from DNA. Both RNA and DNA are the most advanced methods of vaccine development.

Vaccines based on these two use the body’s RNA and DNA to develop immune proteins, which work to block virus infection. Depending on which strain of virus used to make any vaccine, it is mainly divided into live and killed vaccine parts.

DNA vaccine has proved effective for children

zaycov - d vaccine
DNA vaccine will be applied without a needle. Image : Shutterstock

The Xycov-D vaccine is said to be effective in children. According to the information given by the company to the drug regulator, the effect of this vaccine against corona will be very effective on children. It is being told that children will be given three doses of this vaccine and injectors will be used to inject it into the body. However, research is still going on on how effective this vaccine became on the new variant Omicron.

How much will this vaccine cost in India?

Zydus Cadila has secured an order from the Government of India to supply one crore doses of ZyCoV-D at a cost of $3.53 (₹263.83) each. In which the needle-free applicator costs $1.24 (₹93) per dose, excluding GST. No official information has been revealed on how much this vaccine will cost in India or whether it will be provided for free.

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