infected mouse develops Covid-19: Taiwan Lab worker testing Covid positive after infected mouse bite

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  • Corona infected after a rat bite by a lab worker in Taiwan
  • Officials started investigation into the claim of being infected with corona due to rat bite
  • If confirmed, the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory may gain strength again

The first case of corona virus infection has been reported in Taiwan after more than a month. Health officials say that a woman working in a high-security lab has been infected. This woman was bitten by a rat infected with the corona virus while working. After which America’s lab leak theory regarding the origin of corona virus has started being discussed again.

Bio lab employee corona infected
The corona virus test of this 20-year-old woman came positive on Thursday. With this, it has also become the first case of local transmission of corona virus in Taiwan in the last one month. However, Taiwan’s health officials are not yet sure whether this woman has contracted the corona from the bite of an infected rat in the lab. There is no travel history for this woman. Not only this, this woman has also not come in contact with any other infected person. In such a situation, suspicion of lab leak theory is being raised.

wuhan lab leak theory may get force
If the woman is confirmed to have been infected by a rat bite, it could bolster the theory that the corona virus leaked from the Wuhan lab in China. Due to this, the confrontation between China and America may also increase again over the epidemic. Chen Shih-chung, head of Taiwan’s Institute of Disease Control, disclosed the case late Thursday, saying the woman was an employee of a bio-lab located within the top research institute Academia Sinica.

The woman was bitten twice by an infected rat in November
Chen said the woman was bitten twice by an infected rat in mid-November. Due to this, the possibility of this woman being infected with the corona virus was expressed. However, this has not been confirmed and further investigation is underway. This woman developed her first symptoms of corona on 23 November when she reported a mild cough. On December 6, the cough intensified and he was sent for a PCR test. The test results came on 9 December and it was found that this woman was infected with the delta variant of Kovid.

Quarantine people who came in contact with the woman, investigation continues
This woman was given two doses of Moderna’s corona virus vaccine. Now this woman has been quarantined. Taiwanese authorities have traced 94 people who came in contact with this woman. Most of these are people and friends who work with this woman. He has also been kept in isolation and has been asked to undergo a PCR test. Of these, the test negative of 80 people has come.

Taiwanese officials do not agree on infection due to rat bite
Chen Shih-chung, head of Taiwan’s Institute of Disease Control, when asked whether the woman was infected by rat bites, said, “I can’t dare to say that yet.” Their internal investigation found that this was the case, but whether the infection was caused by it, we have no way of determining yet, and further investigation is needed.

Rat Covid Positive

Woman Kovid positive due to infected rat bite


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