Is it possible to cure diabetes with exercise and diet?

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With diabetes, the whole lifestyle of a person changes. But can it be completely eradicated with lifestyle changes and medicines?

As soon as the diagnosis of diabetes is made, a person gets into thinking. It can change the whole routine of any person. Many restrictions like sweet band, potato band, carb bandh are implemented in the food. You get stuck between eating bitter and tasteless foods like neem and bitter gourd to control blood sugar. Not only this, along with a strict diabetic diet, strenuous exercise has to be done. But can diabetes be completely eradicated even after all this? Let’s talk about this today.

First know diabetes and its types

In this fast-paced world, the risk of diseases like diabetes has increased due to irregular lifestyle. It affects the level of insulin in the body, due to which the blood sugar rises. The condition of having high level of sugar in the blood is called diabetes.

Before we find out whether diabetes is curable or not, we are going to tell about its types and the difference between them. Mainly people are victims of two types of diabetes – type 1 (diabetes type 1) and type 2 (diabetes type 2).

Diabetes aapke lifestyle ko badal deta hai
Diabetes changes your lifestyle. Image: Shutterstock

Type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes, is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin. Due to this, the blood sugar in the body increases. No cure is possible for such conditions, and patients have to follow proper diet, medication, and exercise for the rest of their lives.

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas produces an insufficient amount of insulin. It also resists insulin. This happens when your muscles, body fat and cells oppose them. But modern research has proved that following a diabetic lifestyle can significantly reduce insulin resistance.

It depends on your diet, exercise and lifestyle. Basically, such a condition can be cured with proper diet, proper exercise and practice of meditation.

Is diabetes curable?

Treatment means eliminating the symptoms of a disease or condition permanently. Unfortunately, modern medicine does not have a cure for diabetes. There is no cure specifically for type 1 diabetes. It can only be managed, but not cured.

Type 2 diabetes control karne ke liye weight loss karna bhi hai zaruri
Weight loss is also necessary to control type 2 diabetes. Image: Shutterstock

However, type 2 diabetes is curable. The condition of high blood sugar caused by insulin resistance can be reversed. But the trouble is, even though diabetes cannot be “cured”, a “reversal” of type 2 diabetes is possible.

Reversing type 2 diabetes is the process of reducing the symptoms of high blood sugar. Ultimately, rest assured to the extent that drug dependence is not necessary. For most patients ending their diabetes drug dependence is a position they aspire to achieve.

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