Israel AI Rifle: Israeli Firm Elbit Unveils AI Powered Assault Rifle ARCAS System Make Big Difference On Battlefield

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  • Israel has created a rifle that will automatically identify the enemy even when he is running
  • This rifle will do all the work of its enemy by targeting with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • This is how Israel has turned an assault rifle into a digitally networked combat machine

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Israel, which has made more than one state-of-the-art weapon, has now made such a rifle that will automatically identify enemy soldiers even when they are running. Not only this, by targeting this rifle with the help of artificial intelligence, it will do all the work of its enemy. In this way Israel has converted the assault rifle into a digitally networked combat machine. Defense experts believe that in the coming time, this rifle can only change the map of war.

Israel’s defense electronics company Ilbit has made this AI-powered assault rifle. Its name is ARCAS Weapon System, which will identify the enemy even when he is running and can aim and strike at him. It is believed that due to this unmatched capability, this rifle can prove to be an important weapon during urban warfare in the coming times.
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This rifle is like a ‘soldier’s smartphone’
The system allows viewing of photographs taken, providing live updates on the status of the weapon and its bullets. Its images are visible in the camera mounted on the helmet, which makes it easier for the soldier to take decisions during the war. Ilbit says the ARCAS is like a ‘soldier’s smartphone’. It can be fitted to any standard assault rifle such as the M-16 or the Israeli Tavor rifle.

For this, a computer powered by AI is installed in the rifle. Many state-of-the-art software has been used in it, which makes it easy to operate. With this rifle can identify its enemy and friend. The camera installed in this system can work both in day and night. Even inside the tunnel, this camera can work smoothly. The lens of its camera can be changed so that it can be operated even from the corner of a building.

This lethal weapon system is equipped with WiFi
This will make it easier for the soldiers to complete the enemy’s work without being hit by bullets. This weapon system can be equipped with WiFi and can send all the pictures of the battle field to its forces. This system can also recognize a part of an enemy’s body, which comes in front of him only for a short time. It delivers weapons and bullets and for this reason many countries of the world have shown their interest in this weapon. The weight of this entire system is 150 grams, which will make it easy for soldiers to lift it. It is also very easy to remove.


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