israel bizarre divorce law: Australian Man Noam Huppert Banned From Leaving Israel Until 31 December 9999 Due To Bizarre Divorce Law

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  • There has been a big trouble in Israel for an Australian man.
  • Because of the divorce law, she will now have to live for the year 9999.
  • Noam Huppert Either stay in Israel till December 31, 9999 or pay

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For an Australian man, there has been a big problem in Israel. Due to a unique divorce law, the Australian man is now banned from leaving Israel for the year 9999. The name of this person is Noam Huppert (44). Noam Huppert will either stay in Israel till December 31, 9999 or will have to pay Rs 18 crore 19 lakh in future for the development of his child.

Noam Huppert came to Israel in 2012 so that he could be closer to his child. A year before this, his ex-wife had immigrated to Israel. After this his ex-wife filed a divorce case in an Israeli court. In 2013, Noam was banned from leaving the country by an Israeli court. The court had argued that Nome would have to repay 5,000 Israeli currency every month as a “future debt”.
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Many foreigners fell victim to the Israeli justice system
Noam’s children will have to pay this money every month until they turn 18. This means that he cannot leave Israel for any reason, whether on vacation or work. In a conversation with, Noam said, ‘I have been stuck in Israel since 2013.’ He claimed that he was among the many foreign nationals who have been victims of the Israeli justice system.

Noam Huppert said that this happened only because he had married an Israeli girl. Australian citizen Noam is a chemist in a pharmaceutical company. Noam said that he is sharing his story to help those in Australia who are struggling with this life-threatening experience. Divorce law in Israel means that a woman can ban the travel of her child’s father so that they can get the money they need to raise the child in the future. The child’s father could face up to 21 days in jail. Not only this, they may have to give 100 percent of their income for the upbringing of the child.


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