James Web Telescope NASA News: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope ready for launch, will open the secrets of space with a ‘new eye’? – NASA James Web Telescope To Be Launch On Christmas Evening Earth New Eye To Space Will Replace Hubble Telescope

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If you have seen any amazing picture of space recently, then it is possible that NASA’s Hubble Telescope has taken that picture. And if you are interested in space then you would know the name of which machine is Hubble Telescope. Sometimes it is also called ‘Eye of the Earth’ in space. But this machine is now out of date and often in bad shape, as is the case with every electric item. NASA is also going to do what we do with any old machine in our homes.

Usually first we repair the old gadget and still if it is not working then replace that machine. The US space agency NASA, which sent Hubble to space, is also now going to install a new machine to see the sights of space. Earth’s new eye in space will be named – James Webb Space Telescope. We will understand this difficult topic in a little easier language. The James Webb Space Telescope will be more powerful than the old Hubble Telescope. This will help in the search for galaxies, asteroids, black holes and ‘claims of aliens’, which are miles light-years away.
21.32 feet wide gold glass in the telescope
NASA has given information about its launch. It will be launched on 25 December with the help of Ariane-5 ECA rocket from Kourou Launch Station in French Guiana. The James Webb Space Telescope is about to become the most powerful telescope ever to be launched into space. It is jointly made by NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. NASA’s new telescope has a golden mirror, whose width is about 21.32 feet. This mirror is made by joining 18 hexagon pieces made of beryllium. Each piece is plated with 48.2 grams of gold, so that it acts as a reflector.

Telescope’s life is full of ‘struggles’
This telescope will be installed in space at an altitude of about 1.5 million km. Space is full of solar waste that is constantly rotating. Also giant meteorites and comets are also a major threat to satellites. In such a situation, it will be the responsibility of scientists to protect this telescope from such dangers. If there is no damage to it, then it will continue to do its work continuously for 5 to 10 years. To see the space from the telescope, you just have to go to the Instagram page of NASA, but it is a very difficult task for scientists to send it into space. It is a big challenge to send a huge telescope to 1.5 million km and then install it at the fixed location and right angle.

All angle game
Setting the telescope at the right angle is a very complicated task as the quality of the picture will depend on its angle. The James Webb Telescope will launch on December 25, and in February it will capture the first images of space 40 days later. This telescope is quite different from the old Hubble. Unlike Hubble, when a fault occurs, it can be repaired from the earth itself. It was deployed a day after NASA launched the mighty Hubble telescope into space on April 24, 1990. After being there for about a month, Hubble opened its eyes for the first time on May 20, 1990 and sent a picture of a part of the sky from space.

Very expensive but will cost money
Hubble’s entire system was last replaced in 2009. A NASA spokesperson had said that the computer has 4 memory modules but only one is needed. The Hubble Telescope, which was launched in the year 1990, is slowly getting old. It has been repaired several times, but still there are problems with it. That is why NASA is now going to launch the James Webb Telescope worth $10 billion (about Rs 73,616 crore) in place of Hubble.

Despite being expensive, its work will be worth the money. This telescope will also be able to see the electromagnetic spectrum, that is, it will be able to see the faint stars and galaxies located very far away. It is expected that with James Webb’s departure into space, decades-old mysteries like the origin of the universe and the existence of aliens will also be solved.


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