James Web Telescope News : US Space Agency NASA Successfully Launches James Web Telescope To Replace Hubble Telescope In Space

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  • NASA successfully launched the most powerful space telescope ever
  • Launch took place at 5:30 pm Indian time, will replace Hubble in space
  • The hard work of 10 thousand scientists is engaged in the construction of James Webb Space Telescope

US Space Agency NASA has successfully launched its new James Webb Telescope. James Webb was launched in collaboration with NASA and the European Space Agency. It is being called a major breakthrough in the field of space science because James Webb will play an important role in the discovery of stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, asteroids at very distant distances. So far, NASA’s Hubble Telescope sends amazing pictures from space, which will now be replaced by the James Webb Telescope.

The James Webb Telescope was launched by Ariane-5 ECA rocket from Kourou Launch Station in French Guiana at 5:50 hrs IST on Saturday 25 December. It will be installed at an altitude of 15 lakh km from the earth. 10,000 scientists contributed to the creation of James Webb. It is believed that the amazing ability of the Jamb Webb telescope will help solve mysteries such as the origin of the universe and the existence of aliens.

21.32 feet wide golden mirror installed in the telescope
It is jointly made by NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. NASA’s new telescope has a golden mirror, whose width is about 21.32 feet. This mirror is made by joining 18 hexagon pieces made of beryllium. Each piece is plated with 48.2 grams of gold, so that it acts as a reflector. If there is no damage to it, then it will continue to do its work continuously for 5 to 10 years.
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope ready for launch, will open the secrets of space with a ‘new eye’?
Rs 73,616 crore spent in construction
In February, it will take the first picture of space after 40 days. This telescope is quite different from the old Hubble. Unlike Hubble, when a fault occurs, it can be repaired from the earth itself. $ 10 billion (about Rs 73,616 crore) has been spent in the construction of James Webb Telescope. Despite being expensive, its work will be worth the money. This telescope will also be able to see the electromagnetic spectrum, that is, it will be able to see the faint stars and galaxies located very far away.


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