Japanese scientists have prepared such a mask, which will start glowing as soon as it comes in contact with corona infection.

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There will no longer be a need for any major tests to detect the corona virus, because scientists in Japan have developed a glowing mask that can detect infection in UV light.

When the corona virus infection (Covid-19) started spreading its feet in the country, it was becoming a very difficult task to investigate it. After guessing from the symptoms, many types of tests (Covid-19 Testing) were done, in which rapid antigen test, RTPCR are the big names. Since then, many forms of corona virus have been seen. In such a situation, how will it be that your mask itself shows signs of being corona infected? Surely you must have found this talk of ours a joke, but now it is possible to do so.

Soon a face mask to prevent infection Only Glowing Face Mask will be able to detect the dangerous virus. Actually, Japanese scientists have designed a new face mask, which will detect Kovid-19 in ultraviolet rays. Ostrich antibodies were used in this discovery by Japanese scientists. It is being told that now through this mask, corona virus infection can be tested at home at a low cost.

India me coronavirus ab bhi sakriya hai
Coronavirus is still active in India. Image : Shutterstock

know how Did Gaya Mask Testing

The filter of this mask has been prepared with Ostrich antibodies, which detect corona. This mask is also being recognized by the name of glowing mask.

In this regard, scientists say that to make this mask, the focus was on the fact that birds have more ability to deal with the virus. The antibody applied in the filter of the mask is extracted from ostrich eggs. The antibodies were then injected into an inactivated, non-threatening form of the corona.

The participants in this study, conducted by Yasuhiro Tsukamoto and his team at Kyoto Prefectural University in Japan, kept the mask on for about 8 hours.

The mask will start shining as soon as it comes in contact with Corona

After preparing a filter by taking antibodies from ostrich eggs, scientists doing research have sprayed chemicals on the mask, which glow in ultraviolet light when the corona is present.

It can prove to be effective in the test of Kovid-19.  Image: Shutterstock
Only a few methods are used in the test of Kovid-19. Image: Shutterstock

Researchers found that the mask worn by corona-infected individuals began to glow near the nose and face. Scientists say that the LED light of the smartphone can also be used to detect the infection. At present, scientists are engaged in such a discovery, which glows on its own without light.

Know how this mask will work

Corona infection was detected through coughing and sneezing and water in the filter of this glowing mask. After which the reaction takes place in a filter with a fluorescent dye-label. And the presence of infection in the light begins to shine.

You have to wear this mask like any normal mask and the particles released on the mask will be used to detect the activity of corona. Taking off the mask and keeping it under UV rays, the mask will glow in the presence of fluorescent light. Researchers claim that the LED light of the smartphone can also be used as a light source.

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