JFK Assassination Inquiry: John F Kennedy Killer Lee Harvey Oswald In Contact With Soviet Union KGB US National Archives Releases Documents 1500 documents exposed

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  • The assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy still remains a mystery to the world
  • America’s The National Archive has made public 1500 documents about the US investigation
  • These documents reveal that Kennedy’s assassin met with a KGB agent

The assassination of former US President John F Kennedy remains a mystery to the world. Now The National Archive of America has made public 1500 documents regarding the US investigation on Wednesday. John F Kennedy was assassinated on 22 November 1963. These intelligence documents have revealed that Kennedy’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had met with an agent of the Russian intelligence agency KGB two months before the assassination.

A memo from the US intelligence agency CIA also revealed that an unidentified informant had informed US embassy officials in Australia that Kennedy would be assassinated on behalf of the Soviet Union. But this intelligence was never given to the CIA. In a memo, it has been said that full details of the telephone conversations were sought from Australia. It should be noted that the CIA has no clue about this 1962 phone call.

was in the Soviet embassy on 23 September oswald
These documents have given new information about Kennedy’s death, but this dispute is not yet settled. These 1500 files reveal a meeting, a conversation between Oswald and Soviet spies prior to Kennedy’s assassination. “A phone call captured in Mexico City suggests that Oswald was at the Soviet embassy on 23 September and met with KGB officer Valery Vladimirovich there,” the document said.

“Oswald called the Soviet embassy on October 1 and gave his name,” the memo said. He spoke in broken Russian. The reply of a KGB officer has also been given in this memo. This memo about a phone call is dated 23 November 1963. A day later, Oswald was charged with the Kennedy assassination. Two days after Kennedy’s assassination, another informant called a US naval officer in Australia to say that the KGB was behind it.


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