Judge Caught Kissing Prisoner: Argentinian Judge Caught On Camera Kissing Prisoner Whose Sentence She Tried To Reduce

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  • Woman judge trapped in Argentina when she was caught kissing a prisoner
  • This prisoner was found guilty of killing a policeman in the country’s southern Chubut province
  • This is the same female judge who tried to commute the prisoner’s sentence just a week ago

Buenos Aires
A female judge in the Latin American country of Argentina was trapped when she was caught on camera kissing a prisoner. The prisoner was found guilty of killing a policeman in the country’s southern Chubut province. She is the same female judge, Marielle Suarez, who just a week ago tried to commute the life sentence of inmate Christian ‘Mae’ Boustos.

Marielle was caught kissing a prisoner inside the jail on December 29. The video of this incident is now being widely shared on social media. According to the Daily Mail report, Mariel was part of a team of judges hearing a decision to award life imprisonment to prisoner Boustos for the 2009 murder of policeman Leonardo Tito Roberts.

Disciplinary action initiated against the judge

Judge Mariel was the only judge in the party to vote against the decision to give Boustos a life sentence. That too when he was told that Boostos was a very dangerous prisoner. Marielle’s attempt to save Boustos went in vain and will now end up in prison for life. This punishment has now started only last week. On the other hand, Marielle has now given clarification on this matter.

Marielle said, ‘It was the first time I saw him and we talked about punishment. I bumped into him and told him that I was going to arrange an interview with him. I also told that I am going to write a book. He also said that he has no emotional relationship with the prisoner. I went to meet the prisoner because I am writing a book about this case. Meanwhile, the authorities in Chubut province have started disciplinary action against the female judge for her alleged unfair treatment.


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