Kamala Harris News : Kamala Harris Becomes Acting President Of US For Some Time Due To Regular Medical Check Up Of Joe Biden

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America’s Vice President Kamala Harris remained the President of America for about 1 hour and 25 minutes on Friday. US President Joe Biden visited the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday for a routine colonoscopy and briefly handed over power to Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden went to the medical center in the suburban Washington area early Friday for his first routine check-up as president.

White House press secretary Jane Psaki said Biden would be under “anaesthesia” during the colonoscopy, so she briefly handed over power to Harris. It was the first time Harris served as president for a quarter of an hour. Psaki said Biden assumed his responsibility at 11:35 local time after talks with Harris and White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein.
Kamala Harris to be removed from White House, US President Joe Biden decided to take away the post of Vice President?
Biden completely ‘healthy’
Biden, 78, underwent a full body examination in December 2019 and doctors then found the former vice president “healthy” and “fit to perform the duties of the president successfully”. Since 2009, Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, then wrote in a three-page note that Presidential candidate Biden is completely healthy. Kamala Harris has been in the news a lot in the Biden administration because she is not only the first woman but also the first black vice president.

Preparing to sideline Kamala Harris
According to reports coming in the US media, President Biden gave his subordinate Harris tasks which were very sensitive and dealing with which was like walking on the edge of the sword. The issues of refugees and suffrage were such that made Biden’s move successful, and Harris’ popularity began to decline. In a poll last week, Harris’ approval rating dropped to just 28 percent, while Biden’s came down to 38 percent. Now news has started coming that preparations are being made to show Harris the way out of the White House.


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