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  • Questions arose again regarding the health of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un
  • Kim Jong appeared lean and extremely sad on his father’s death anniversary in Pyongyang
  • Claim on state TV – People of North Korea are unhappy about their health

Questions have once again started to arise regarding the health of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un, who appeared in public a few days ago, was looking very thin and sad. Even before this, the rumor of his death has flown. The citizens of North Korea are also in tension after seeing this new picture of them. Meanwhile, South Korean media has claimed that Kim Jong has also promoted his sister Kim Yo Jong to increase participation in the country’s administrative work.

Seen in Pyongyang on father’s death anniversary
Kim Jong arrived a few days ago at an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the death of his father, Kim Jong-il. It was organized outside the Kumsusan Palace in the capital Pyongyang. The Sun reports that 37-year-old Kim was seen bowing before a large portrait of her father on stage. During this, a crowd of thousands of people had also reached to participate in the program.

Kim Jong Un: Dictator Kim Jong Un ‘very weak’, North Korean people’s heart ‘broken’
Only seen twice in the last two months
Earlier, Kim Jong Un was seen visiting a model city in the north of the country in November. Prior to that, he was seen in early October at the Kim Jong Un Sails and Weapons Expo. After appearing once a month, questions have been raised about Kim Jong’s health after being away from public life for a long time.

Kim Jong Un sick again? Weight loss, weakening… North Korea in tension with new pictures
Isn’t it trying to get people’s consolation?
Experts in North Korea say that discussing Kim’s health like this on state TV is a PR exercise. By telling the world about his health, the government wants that solace should also be gathered and people should be told that even in such a situation, Kim Jong is working for him.

Kim Jong Un Sister: Kim Jong Un’s sister gets promotion, becomes North Korea’s ‘dictator’ number-2
‘North Korean citizens broke after seeing Kim’s condition’
A few months ago, state-run KCTV quoted a common citizen as claiming that people in the country were broken after seeing Kim’s condition. The economic situation in North Korea was already deteriorating and the country is going through a crisis due to the corona virus. The food crisis has also arisen and the economy has collapsed due to the rules related to the border.

Video: Kim Jong Un immersed in sorrow, thousands of heads bowed and the country’s flag, see ‘North Korea’s mourning’
Kim Jong’s sister became the chief of the State Affairs Commission
Kim Yo Jong has now been made the head of North Korea’s State Affairs Commission. The Supreme People’s Assembly, the country’s rubber stamp parliament, has also given its approval for his appointment. At least nine members of this commission were dismissed just a few days ago. It also includes the Vice President of the State Affairs Commission and the diplomat Cho Son Hui.

Kim jong un

Kim Jong Un looked very thin and sad in this picture


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