Kim Jong Un Latest News: Kim Jong Un Pays Tribute At A Ceremony Marking Tenth Death Anniversary Of Kim Jong Il

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  • North Korea is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its former leader Kim Jong Il
  • On Friday, Kim Jong Un and thousands of people bowed their heads at the event
  • The mourning will last for 11 days and during this there is a ban on laughing and expressing happiness.

North Korea celebrated the 10th anniversary of former leader Kim Jong Il on Friday. The event was attended by Kim Jong Il’s son and North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and thousands of civilians. Photos of the event can be seen in official TV broadcasts. Kim Jong Il ruled North Korea for 17 years since 1994. After his death in 2011, the command of the country came in the hands of Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un appeared in his trademark leather trench coat at Friday’s event at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, reports DailyMail. This palace is the mausoleum of Kim Jong Il and his father and the founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung. Three generations of the Kim family have ruled North Korea since 1948. People in North Korea are taught to respect Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il from birth, and all adults wear badges to reflect this.

Kim Jong Un seen standing in front of father’s picture
North Korea has declared 11 days of mourning to mark the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong Il. During this, people have been banned from laughing and drinking alcohol. During this time people have been given strict instructions that they cannot express happiness in any way. In a footage from KCTV, Kim Jong Un can be seen standing in front of a picture of his father. He is seen standing on a stage in front of which thousands of people are seen in the field.

North Korean flag bowed at half-mast and people kept silent
During this, the flags were half-masted in Pyongyang. People bowed their heads in front of pictures of Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung and observed silence. According to sources, people in history who were found to be consuming alcohol or rejoicing during mourning were arrested and punished as ideological criminals. The officers took them away and they were never seen again. According to the report, even if someone dies in one’s family during mourning, they are not allowed to cry loudly and they can take the dead body out only after the mourning is over.


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