Latest Guinness World Record : Company Built High Pyramid By Adding Washing Machines Establishes Guinness World Record

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Can a world record be made with old machines? A UK company has done this. A British company raising awareness of electronic recycling has created a Guinness World Record by adding 1,496 recycled washing machines into a 44-foot pyramid. Guinness World Records said that Curry PC World has combined machines to create the largest washing machine pyramid by erecting a 44 feet 7 inch tall pyramid.

The company recently conducted a survey in which it was found that 68 percent of the people do not know where and how to dispose of their electronic waste. The company decided to set the first record for the largest washing machine pyramid during National Recycling Week in September 2021. This pyramid shows the company’s ‘New Life Not Landfill’ plan.
8573 musicians… this country made the record for the largest orchestra in the world, played the tune for 5 minutes
Pyramid made of 256 washing machines
This plan of the company gives new life to old electronic machines through recycling, repairing and rehoming. The base of the pyramid was square with sides 31 feet 7.5 inches long. It included 256 washing machines. The special thing is that there was no support system in the pyramid. Ainscough Training Services provided crane safety and assistance to the company in building the pyramid.

Now all machines will be recycled
All the washing machines used to build the pyramid will be recycled. The idea for the record was from Curry Preston store manager Darren Kenworthy, who convinced his employees to do the job. Earlier, the South American country of Venezuela had won the title of the world’s largest orchestra. 8573 musicians were involved in this orchestra, which is a world record in itself. Most of these musicians were children and youth.


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