List of states with nuclear weapons: Big Five Nuclear Powers Release Joint Statement, says no one can win nuclear war

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  • The world’s top five nuclear-armed countries issued a joint statement
  • Said – no country can win a nuclear war
  • All countries agreed on nuclear non-proliferation, said – our weapons are not against anyone

Amidst the ongoing tension in Europe and Asia, the world’s five superpowers have jointly made a big announcement regarding their nuclear weapons. These countries have said that their nuclear weapons are not against each other. He also said that he considers it his greatest responsibility to avoid any war between nuclear-weapon countries and minimize strategic risks.

These countries issued a joint statement
This joint statement has been issued by Russia, the US, China, France and the UK. The Russian presidential office, the Kremlin and the US presidential office, the White House, issued statements on their respective websites, writing that we intend to maintain and further strengthen our national measures to prevent the unauthorized or unintended use of nuclear weapons. Under this, approval is obtained at the highest level before the use of nuclear weapons.

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‘Our nuclear weapons are not against each other’
Apart from this, the five countries said that we reiterate the validity of our previous statements on the target of nuclear weapons. “We confirm that none of our nuclear weapons are aimed at each other or at any other,” he said. The two countries said that we affirm that nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought.

Weapons are there to avoid war and stop aggression
The five countries said that since the use of nuclear weapons would have far-reaching consequences, we would use it only for defensive purposes. This will prevent aggression and use it to avert war. We strongly believe that further proliferation of such weapons must be prevented. The five nations reaffirmed their commitment to obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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Russia at the forefront of the nuclear arms race
According to the SIPRI report, all nine nuclear-capable countries currently have 13,080 nuclear warheads in total. These include Russia’s 6,255 and America’s 5,550 nuclear weapons. Apart from these, France has 290, UK has 225, Israel has 90 while North Korea has 40-50 nuclear weapons. These figures cannot be claimed to be absolutely accurate because every country keeps its nuclear programs absolutely secret.

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Some countries are still making nuclear weapons
All seven countries, except Russia and the United States, are still developing or deploying nuclear weapons. “China has come half way in increasing and modernizing its nuclear arsenal. Pakistan is also increasing its nuclear arsenal,” Sipri said. This report of SIPRI has come at a time when the conflict between India and China is going on in eastern Ladakh for a year. However, there is a ceasefire along the border with Pakistan since February.


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