Luxury Tiny Flat News : Japanese Company Giving Luxurious Flats On Rent Only In 65 Rupees

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Swedish furniture giant Ikea will rent a small apartment in Japan’s capital Tokyo for just 99 yuan ($0.87 or Rs 65) per month. It is located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo and the apartment has just one room of 107-square-feet, which is being touted as a marketing ploy by the company. This apartment, fully furnished with company furniture, will be given on lease from 15 December 2021 to 15 January 2023.

The sellers are accepting applications from tenants who are over 20 years of age and these applications will be accepted till December 3. Interested renters can apply by signing up for the Ikea Family Profile. The Ikea room has a small desk and sofa and a small ladder can be used to access the upstairs items. Renters can sleep comfortably in the built-in bedrooms of this tiny apartment.
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Every feature in a tiny house
The apartment has shelf space, small wardrobe, a washing machine, kitchen space and toilet-bathroom. The company’s website claims that the purpose of the tiny apartment is to use the vertical space as a room. To advertise the Tiny Home campaign, Ikea created a Mascot, a shark who just loves small rooms. Apart from this, the vendor company has also prepared a series of short videos.

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Earlier a husband had prepared a strange house for his wife. To please his wife in northern Bosnia, a man built a moving house for her. Actually the wife wanted different views to be seen from the window of her house and her wish was fulfilled by a man from Bosnia. The house is located on a fertile plain in the city of Srbac, near northern Bosnia. The house is designed by Kusik which rotates around an axis of 7 metres. From the roaming house, all the views like maize fields, forest and river can be seen at the desired speed.


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