Magdalena Andersson Profile : Who Is Magdalena Andersson First Female Prime Minister Of Sweden Magdalena Andersson Profile – Sweden’s first female prime minister, achieved twice in a week

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Magdalena Andersson resigned last week after a budget proposal collapsed in parliament, hours after she was elected Sweden’s first female prime minister. On Monday, Anderson was once again elected head of government. Andersen, the leader of the Social Democrat Party, has once again captured the post of Prime Minister within a week. However, she will form a minority government of one party.

The names of the cabinet may be announced on Tuesday. Andersen, who was elected Sweden’s first female prime minister on Wednesday last week, could only stay in the position for seven hours and her ally, the Greens, withdrew support to the government. Sweden is considered one of Europe’s most progressive countries in terms of gender equality, but so far no woman has been given the reins of the country.
Sweden’s first female PM resigns hours after appointment
Who is Magdalena Anderson?
In such a situation, the becoming Prime Minister of Magdalena Andersen is being considered as a milestone for Sweden. Magdalena Andersson is the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Sweden. Anderson, 54, began her political career in 1996 as political advisor to Goran Persson and then director of planning. In 2004, Anderson began serving as Secretary of State in the Ministry of Finance.

Became a part of the party as a spokesperson
He also held the position of Deputy Director General of the Swedish Tax Agency for three years until 2012. In 2012 she became part of the Swedish Social Democratic Party as an economic policy spokesperson. Upon the Social Democratic Party’s victory in the 2014 Swedish elections, Andersen was elected Minister of Finance in Stefan Löfven’s cabinet. Anderson became the head of the Social Democratic Party on November 4, 2021.

Second female leader of the Social Democratic Party
Anderson was born on 23 January 1967. She is Sweden’s first female prime minister as well as the second female leader of the Social Democratic Party. She is an alumnus of Stockholm School of Economics. Anderson was married to Richard Freiberg, a professor of economics at the Stockholm School of Economics, and the couple has two children.


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