malala yousafzai news: Watch Video Malala Yousafzai and her husband Asser Malik new year resolutions: Watch Video Malala Yousafzai and her husband Aser Malik new year resolutions

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  • A video of Malala with her husband Asar went viral on social media.
  • In the video, the couple is seen playing a game to take resolution on the new year.
  • After the question, Malala and Asar trying to put the pen in the glass from a distance

A video of Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai with her husband Asar Malik is going viral on social media. In this video, Malala and Asar are seen playing a game to make resolutions for the new year. In the video, both of them are trying to put a pen in a glass placed some distance above the table and decide which resolution they should take and which should not.

Malala was seen playing games for New Year’s resolution
In this 1 minute 22 second video, Malala asks her husband if I should go to the gym in the coming year? She then throws the pen to put it in the glass, but misses her target. After this her husband Asar asks should we buy Play Station? This time even his pen does not go inside the glass kept away.

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Malala again asks if Asar should shave off his beard? Answering which she herself says that no, you cannot do this, it is not allowed. If you do this you will have to leave the house. After this Asar asks if Malala should celebrate No Shopping January. After which he throws the pen, but he falls down after hitting the glass. To this Malala says that it was very close.

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Played the game even on the question of unfollowing Hasan Minaj
After this Malala asks the next question should I unfollow Hasan Minaj on Instagram? Hasan Minaj is an American comedian. This time his pen also collides with the glass and falls down. After this Malala says that I think we should count it as yes because it has touched the glass. After this Asar asks if I should follow Hasan Minaj. This time his pen also falls far ahead of the glass.

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Appealed to donate to Malala Fund
At the end of the video Malala says that whoever is watching this video, including Hasan Minaj, should donate to the Malala Fund for the education of girls. This time she herself gets up and puts the pen in the glass close by.


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