Man fell on World War II tank shell, pointed end penetrated private part, doctors were also scared after seeing the bomb – man fell on world war ii anti-tank artillery shell lodged into his rectum

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  • An unintentional man in Britain fell on a World War II tank shell
  • He was admitted to the hospital due to the bullet of the tank entering the private part.
  • Due to being a live bomb, doctors called the bomb disposal unit of the army

A man in Britain fell on a World War II-era tank shell. In this accident, the pointed end of the tank’s shell penetrated deep into his private part. After seeing this man who reached the hospital in injured condition, the doctors called the Bomb Disposal Squad of the British Army. The doctors were afraid to touch the bomb that penetrated up to about 56 mm.

Doctors called Bomb Disposal Squad
The incident is being told of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in Gloucester. The accident and emergency unit of the hospital called the Army Bomb Disposal Squad after taking stock of the situation. The injured man told that he is fond of collecting old-fashioned war weapons. This bomb was also part of his personal arsenal.

The man fell on the bomb due to slipping feet
The injured person told that he had taken out this 80-year-old bomb to clean it. Suddenly his leg got stuck and he fell awkwardly on that sphere. He told that this bomb was already present in his personal arsenal. He was correcting the rest of the arms by placing them on the floor, suddenly he fell. He was taken to the hospital in an injured condition.

The bullet was made to tear the armor of tanks
As reported by The Sun, the bullet was designed to tear through the upper armor of the tank. The end of this ball was very sharp and sharp. Army experts told that the upper end is a piece of metal, so there is no danger to the life of that person. Now doctors are trying to remove the tip of that bomb by doing an operation.

The hospital said – protocol was followed
A hospital spokesperson confirmed that considering the gravity of the matter, all safety protocols were followed. The case did not pose any risk to the staff, patients or those accompanying them. The Defense Ministry also said that they had sent a bomb disposal squad following a request from the local police.


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