Mars New Map : NASA Rover Creates First Ever Map Of Mars There Were Seas And Rivers On The Red Planet

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As well as probing the surface of Mars, scientists have shown interest in its depth. The first map of Mars has been prepared. Using NASA’s ‘InSight’ probe that landed on Mars in 2018, scientists have managed to create a new map of Mars using one of the lander’s instruments. This instrument is used to look directly beneath the surface of the planets.

Cedric Schmelzbach, a geophysicist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), told that we used a technique that has been developed here on Earth. It is used to mark places for earthquake risk and to study the subsurface structure. This technique is based on ‘ambient vibration’.
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An eye on the development journey of seven billion years
The new map that has yet to be released takes a look at seven billion years of the planet’s possible evolution. The map shows unseen layers of deep sediment as well as thick deposits of solid lava covered in a layer of dust 10 feet thick. The sediment layer is believed to be about 230 feet below the surface, with a layer of ancient levees on either side. Schmelzbach said we’re still working out how to interpret it.

There were once vast oceans and rivers on Mars
“We are trying to find out how old this layer is, but it shows us that the geological history at that site is actually more complex than we originally thought,” he said. It is hoped that this new technology will help scientists learn more about Mars. Presumably it would now be easier to know what a few miles of the planet’s surface is. Previous studies using this same technique have shown that Mars once had vast oceans and rivers.


Photo : ETH Zurich/Geraldine Zenhausern


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