Mars Travel Update: Space Travel Humans Will Quickly Go Blind If We Travel To Other Planets Like Mars Researchers Warn

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  • Humans planning to establish settlements on Mars and the Moon have suffered a major setback.
  • Scientists say that if humans travel to another planet, they may soon become blind
  • He said that the astronauts, after coming to earth, demand that they be given glasses.

A team of scientists has dealt a big blow to humans planning to establish settlements on Mars and the Moon. Scientists say that if a person travels to another planet and lives there, then soon he may become blind. He said that scientists who are now going to space often demand that they be given glasses after coming to Earth. Researchers have now investigated the effect of gravity on the human brain and on the eyes.

After this research, scientists are now fearing that humans may have to live without eye sight in any future settlement in space. Scientists have investigated SANS syndrome and compared brain scans after exposure to space and after arrival. He claimed that the longer the astronauts stay in space, the more they may have to deal with blurred light and eye problems after coming to Earth.
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Mark Rosenberg, a scientist at the Medical University of South Carolina in the US, said, ‘They came to know about this aspect when astronauts actually started carrying extra pairs of glasses while going into space. They know their eyes are going to go bad while they are there.’ Earlier, a former NASA chief Dr Jim Green had said that humans can live on Mars. However, for this they have to create a magnetic force field around the Red Planet.

Jim said that of all the planets in our solar system, Mars is the most habitable for humans. Earlier, scientists had said that humans living on Mars will soon become old. Not only this, if the plan of farming fails, then humans can become man-eaters. This news has come at a time when billionaire Elon Musk’s company SpaceX wants to send humans to Mars by the year 2026. The task of establishing a settlement on the Red Planet is becoming increasingly challenging for scientists who are trying to figure out how to sustain human life on Mars.

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