Minimally invasive procedure saved life of 3-year-old girl suffering from rare heart disease since birth

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This girl, resident of Bikaner, had a disease called Wolff Parkinson’s White (WPW) syndrome. In which the heartbeat becomes faster than normal.

Invasive Radiofrequency Ablation by doctors at Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket of a three-year-old girl with Wolff Parkinson white, a rare heart condition affecting one in every 1000 children worldwide Got a new life from This complex disease was successfully treated by Balbir Singh, Head of Cardiology Department of Max and Dr. Neeraj Awasthi, Head of Pediatric Cardiology.

what is the whole matter

This girl resident of Bikaner had a disease called Wolf Parkinson White (WPW) syndrome. In this disease there are many severe seizures (episodes) of irregular heartbeat. This requires multiple admissions to the ICU since birth. The age of the child and other complications made the situation even more complicated. Dr. Balbir Singh told that the minimally invasive procedure helped him to preserve a full life ahead.

What is Wolves Parkinson White Syndrome

Despite being a common heart condition, the global prevalence of the condition is one in a thousand. In this condition, the baby is born with an extra electrical nerve pathway in the atrioventricular node of the heart. Which supplies the extra impulse, causing an abnormally fast heartbeat (greater than 250 bpm).

baby ki by birth heart problem thi
This girl from Rajasthan had to stay in ICU due to abnormal heart rate. Image: Shutterstock

“Such patients require immediate treatment and if not treated on time, they experience poor quality of life and even sudden death.

However, during a prenatal echo, baby Divka was diagnosed with a very high heart rate (250 bpm), and despite a healthy birth weight of 3 kg, she developed multiple seizures of tachycardia (fluctuations in heartbeat). and immediately had to be admitted on ventilator.

The baby girl was controlled with anti-arrhythmic drugs after 10 days of treatment. The child also had a history of hospitalization at the age of five months when he developed pneumonia. His condition did not improve even after being admitted to various hospitals including Mumbai.

There were also challenges in the minimally invasive radiofrequency ablation procedure.

Giving more details, Dr. Neeraj Awasthi said that the child was thoroughly examined and advised for a minimally invasive radiofrequency ablation procedure. Since the child was hospitalized several times due to severe drug effects at such a young age, radiofrequency ablation also had various challenges.

Chief among them was that the veins in his groin were blocked and the procedure had to be done only through his arteries.

Dr Balbir Singh, Chairman, Pan Max Cardiology, said that radiofrequency ablation, which is a safe and effective intervention, was used to cut off that extra nerve pathway.

Heart ke liye ye ek prabhavshali takneek hai
It is an effective treatment technique for heart problems. Image: Shutterstock

After the treatment, the baby’s heartbeat is now normal. The baby girl has now been discharged and can lead a healthy life. Although this condition is quite common, the situation became challenging due to the age of the baby and the very small heart.

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