Miss World competition postponed due to Kovid-19 infection, could there be a risk of community spreading?

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17 people, including Indian beauty Mansa Varanasi, who joined the Miss World pageant, are corona positive.

The increasing cases of Kovid-19 across the world are becoming a matter of concern. The discussion of the new variant Omicron is going on everywhere. At the same time, due to the recent transition, the organizers have postponed the Miss World 2021 competition, which is popular around the world. Let us tell you that many contestants have been found corona positive. A notice to this effect has been issued on the official page of the competition. If the conditions remain right, then this competition can be organized in the next 90 days.

The Miss World 2021 pageant was scheduled to take place on Thursday in San Juan Coliseo de San Juan, Puerto Rico. However, for the time being it has been postponed.

17 people corona positive including Indian participant Mansa Varanasi

According to the report, the corona report of 17 people has been found positive. In which India’s Mansa Varanasi is also included. This has been confirmed on the Miss World official page on Instagram.

23-year-old Mansa Varanasi hails from Hyderabad and is representing India in the international beauty pageant Miss World 2021. The statement released on the Miss India page said, “We cannot believe that Manasa will not be able to spread her laurels on the world stage even after so much hard work and dedication. However, their safety is of paramount importance to us.”

The organizers said that a total of 17 people, including the participants of the Miss World 2021 contest, have become corona positive. This also includes those who are already in isolation. At the same time, necessary safety standards are being adopted for other participants. So that corona infection can be stopped.

Will be organized again within 90 days

The organizers of Miss World 2021 have shared information that the Miss World 2021 pageant will be held again at the same venue within the next 90 days. All the contestants and other staff are being kept under the supervision of doctors. All people will be allowed to return as soon as it is cleared by the local health officer.

The organizers of Miss Word took the decision after a meeting with virologists and medical experts from the Puerto Rico Department of Health.

There may be danger of community spreading

Miss World 2021 is such a stage where thousands of crowd gather, in such a situation, if a contestant is positive with corona virus infection, it can cause community spread. It is known to all that corona virus infection spreads from each other very fast. Even though only 17 people have been found positive, the risk of spreading still remains.

However, Julia, the president of the Miss World pageant, says that Miss World is following the guidelines of the United Nations Organization. We are an experienced and responsible organization. Protecting the health of the participants is of paramount importance to us.

What is Community Spreading? ( What is Community Spreading? )

Community spreading is also known as community transmission. Is known. This occurs when a person becomes infected without coming into contact with a known infected person. This is the third highest level of infection. Due to which any infection starts spreading very fast.

When does the risk of community transmission increase?

According to the information available from ICMR, there are four stages of the spread of corona virus:

First stage: In this, people found infected with the corona virus or those who came to India after getting infected from other countries are included.

Second stage: In this, the infection starts spreading locally, but it is people who have come in contact with some infected person.

Third Stage: The third stage is community spreading or transmission. In this it is very difficult to trace the transmission thread.

Fourth Stage: This phase starts during community spreading. When the infection starts getting locally in the form of epidemic. It can infect millions of people in a day.

what is the status of india

There is a threat of new variant Omicron Variant in India at this time. In the last 24 hours, 24 new cases have been reported in which 12 cases have been reported in the capital Delhi, 8 in Maharashtra and two cases each in Kerala and Uttar Pradesh. After which the number of infected with the new variants in the country has increased to 113.

Omicron variant covid
So far 113 cases of Omicron have been reported in India. Image : Shutterstock

According to the data released by the Union Health Ministry, 7175 new cases have been registered in the country in 24 hours and 289 patients have died. Meanwhile, 8,706 patients suffering from corona have been cured across the country. The number of cases of corona infection in the country has increased to 3 crore 47 lakh 33 thousand 194.

Vacation, Christmas, Exam, Election, Public Event etc.

In view of the increasing infection outbreak in the country, precautions and restrictions have been intensified. However, handling Corona during festivals and vacations can be very difficult. Meanwhile, assembly elections are also going to be held in many states, which is a matter of concern in itself because many such reports have come out claiming that the third wave of corona may start from next month i.e. January 2022. Children’s board exams, new sessions starting in school are demanding extra caution.

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